July 24, 2021

Corona in Spain: high incidence among younger people due to delta variant

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High incidence among younger people – Spain celebrates despite rising numbers of infections

More new infections again – virologists warn against carelessness

Laugh, relax, carefree enjoy the summer with friends. With a seven-day incidence of just five, the joy is justified. But in the last few days the number of new infections had risen again for the first time compared to the previous week.

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Train stations, pubs and shops in Spain are full, in the hotspot Catalonia the incidence recently climbed to 233. The corona virus is spreading especially among younger people. However, there should not be any stricter restrictions for the time being.

In Spain, the number of new corona infections has risen further – especially among young people. “Today’s numbers are not good at all,” said the Ministry of Health’s chief epidemiologist, Fernando Simon, on Monday evening. The numbers in the different age groups varied greatly, “among the youngest we have an incidence of almost 600”.

A total of 32,607 new infections and 23 further deaths were reported within 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the authorities have counted more than 3.8 million people who tested positive, 80,934 people died in Spain in connection with the virus.

In the hotspot of Catalonia, the summer parties of locals and tourists continue despite the high numbers. The beaches, but also hotels, pubs and shops in the Catalan capital Barcelona and other coastal communities in the region have been totally overcrowded in the past few days, as reported by regional media.

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Among the visitors there are “many tourists from other European countries who admit that they were drawn to the vibrant nightlife”, wrote the newspaper “El Periódico”. “Beaches, squares, bars and discos are filled with music and alcohol, but there are few (protective) masks,” the paper stated. There are many nightly street parties, especially in Barcelona.

The TV broadcaster RTVE meanwhile reported that after the start of the holiday season on July 1st, there was a lively party atmosphere not only in Catalonia but all over the country. In holiday regions such as Andalusia and Valencia, the hotels are 80 to 95 percent occupied.

Train stations and airports have been totally overcrowded for days, although travelers are often not allowed to be accompanied by anyone. The traffic authority DGT expects more than 90 million road trips in July and August – as many as in the summer of 2019 before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Barcelona do not want to tighten measures for the time being

In Mallorca, where the corona numbers have been rising for days like everywhere in Spain, more and more visitors are arriving in the holiday stronghold of Magaluf, west of Palma, which is preferred by the British. The government of the Balearic Islands therefore decided that the stricter corona rules should be introduced there, which so far only apply to the “Ballermann” party mile, which is popular with Germans.

In the areas known for so-called drinking tourism, the number of guests who are allowed to stay inside a restaurant is limited to a maximum of 100. A maximum of 200 people may be entertained in outdoor areas. Large dance temples such as the Megapark on the Playa cannot yet work profitably because of these restrictions and therefore remain closed.

In the Balearic Islands, too, there is concern about the increasing numbers; There are currently nowhere in Spain as many new corona cases as in Catalonia. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days last climbed to a good 233. A week ago it was 55. The regional government in Barcelona does not want to impose stricter restrictions for the time being.