July 26, 2021

Ddl Zan, the League’s mediation proposal is to tear apart the law against homotransphobia. But for the Renzians “it’s a big step forward”

The mediation proposal on the Zan bill proposed by the League to bring all the political forces to an agreement? Tearing up the Zan bill. The attempt at synthesis of the Carroccio’s speaker Andrea Ostellari, as anticipated and as unfortunately already widely announced by the political forces, it is not limited to alleged compromises, but he wants to intervene to dismantle the sense of the law. A line that, if before it was limited to the center-right, now also finds the agreement of Italy alive and therefore risks being the winner. In the afternoon, at 16.30, the hall of Palazzo Madama should vote on the scheduling of the text for July 13, but the vote could still jump or postpone.

The Ostellari proposal: all references to gender identity removed – The summary of the Carroccio was presented during the meeting of the group leaders in the Justice Commission at 11 and, as confirmed in ilfattoquotidiano.it, mediation would save little or nothing of the original text. And precisely because the proposal remains inadmissible for the promoters of the text, the situation of stall at the table on the Zan bill. He was in fact the chairman of the justice commission Andrea Ostellari, as well as “self-proclaimed” speaker of the text, to illustrate the package of changes to the provision: the main one, as far as we know, consists in eliminating from the text, wherever they occur, the words “Gender identity”.

Faraone (Iv): “Great steps forward from the League, Pd-M5s enhance them” – The proposals, however, were considered completely inadequate by Democratic Party, 5 Star Movement and Leu. But not from Italia Viva, but rather, with the group leader in the Senate Davide Faraone, says he “appreciated the big steps forward, both in terms of substance and method, made by President Ostellari with the text he proposed to us this morning. We asked Pd and M5s for do the same, to verify possible common solutions to save the law. We register the fact that there is a push from the M5s and Pd to move forward quickly regardless of the Ostellari proposal. They asked us to vote on the calendar and as we made an agreement let’s vote on the calendar to go to the classroom on the 13th but Pd and M5S make a mistake not to value the great signal arrived from Ostellari. His text is close to being good for an understanding. The head-on collision is a big mistake and whoever carries it forward assumes thesole responsibility“, Concludes the senator Renziano ..

Unterberger (Autonomie): “Well Ostellari, but I adapt to the coalition” – Appreciation also from the senator of Merano Julia Unterberger, president of the group For Autonomies, which has 4 senators from SVP and Union Valdotaine as well as Gianclaudio Bressa, Pierferdinando Casini and the senators for life Elena Cattaneo and Giorgio Napolitano (who has not attended the Chamber for a long time): “Nice step forward with the Ostellari proposal, it seems to me that now they accept the Zan law, accept the term “gender”, the only point of conflict remains the gender identity, but I think at this point we can look for a compromise“, He says. “The right takes a big step, Ostellari takes one proposal not to be discarded. There is no gender identity, it is true, but it is absurd to focus on a word. I think that a compromise must be sought, without forcing, for the people to be protected it is better to find an agreement, even if not perfect: otherwise we continue to wage this war endangering the people we want to protect. I would try to avoid forcing “, he explains, specifying that in any case he will adapt”to what the side will decide in favor of the Zan bill “.

In the afternoon, the vote to bring the text to the Chamber – Forza Italia and Lega ask that the vote on the scheduling of the examination of the provision be postponed to tomorrow. But the request was, once again, not accepted by Democrats, 5 stars and Leu. The majority groups will meet again this afternoon at 3 pm. The vote in the Chamber is essential to understand how the abacus moves and who is actually in favor of the measure. As stated by the group leader Faraone, also Italia Viva will vote in favor of the arrival of the bill in the Chamber: yes also by Julia Unterberger. The problem for the promoters of the Zan bill remains to be able to get the votes necessary to keep the bill going: without the 17 senators from living Italy in fact, they would be about 141 yes against the 135 no of the united center. It remains to be seen what role the Senators of the Mixed and the snipers will play (both on the right and on the left). Today Senator Fi Barbara Masini she announced her support for the measure, saying that “she is not alone in the party” and that others, if there are secret votes, could do the same. Yesterday to announce his vote in favor was the Senator of the Mixed (former M5s) Lello Ciampolillo. While the deputy of Leu Stefano Fassina takes a countertrend: “The law cannot promote one anthropological vision, as does Article 1 (which contains the “definitions” of sex, gender and gender identity, ed). I was not fully aware at first reading in the House when I voted in favor. Listening to months of discussions and many insights they were helpful in understanding better. The proposal must be corrected, at least to avoid a very dangerous precedent and unconstitutionality ”, he declares.

Gaynet: “Presidium in front of the Senate on July 13” – Meanwhile the association Gaynet announces a garrison in front of the Senate on July 13, “on the date on which presumably the Zan bill will be in the classroom”. For Fabrizio Marrazzo, candidate for mayor of Rome for the Gay Party, “the changes to the text of the law that are needed are the elimination of article 4 (the so-called” idea saving clause “, ed), which allows you to call LGBT + people malate e lower and the part of article 7 on school, because it actually pays off impossible training against homotransbiphobia in schools. So – he continues – we ask Renzi, do you agree that LGBT + people are not called sick and inferior? Do you agree not to block homotransphobia training in schools? Then Pd-M5s-Leu challenges on rights and go to vote with our changes. To those who are discriminated against and offended every day the votes of Salvini and Meloni are not needed, but only to be protected, because the seed of homophobia starts from daily discrimination and the aggressions are only the tip of the iceberg ”, he explains.