July 24, 2021

“Fast property, it can hurt a slow Spain in defense”

Fulvio Collovati he knows how to do it. He knows how to win a World Cup, let alone a European. The former Azzurri central dear to Enzo Bearzot, now a Rai commentator, knows Spain well. He followed her, studied her, admired her strengths, studied her flaws.

What do you fear about Luis Enrique’s team?

«He has a strong group, like us. And like us he has excellent players, but not champions. They like to have the game in hand and for this reason it will be a battle with our midfield at the beginning. We have to be perfect on the flanks because the Spaniards are dangerous right on the flanks, now even more so that we don’t have Spinazzola ».

And the weak points?

«In defense they are fragile, slow and play quite high. A fast player like Ciro Immobile can slip into the center and be decisive in this semifinal. I say Immobile because for me it cannot be touched and I disagree with those who criticized it after Belgium. He sacrificed a lot and is fundamental for this team; Ciro has been able to adapt to Mancini’s game and then he is also in great shape ».

Mancini transformed Italy in two years.

«Roberto is a number 10 in the soul, for him there is a good game, to be offensive, to command. He transformed Italy and created a group. This is why the fans love him: with Mancio you can also see the good game, it’s not just about winning ».

England will play at home the semi-final and, perhaps, the final. A little itinerant European?

«We already knew the formula, I would avoid controversy. Rather, what is wrong is the sixty thousand at Wembley. If it had been up to me I would have played all the games behind closed doors. I find it surreal these days that there are sixty thousand people in the stadium. However, I would say to England not to underestimate Denmark … ».

Does Mancini’s national team remind you of the 1982 Mundual heroes?

«The two teams are similar in the way they are grouped, in their enthusiasm. Mancini like Bearzot made the boys understand that they are all equally important. And this counts ».

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