July 31, 2021

Gunner Koller represented the Czech at his school. He scored from the penalty, but caught a lot of them

Karel Felt, Right

“Petr wrote to me, if I did not represent him, I gladly accepted the offer. I don’t have my school yet, but I’ll eat a few in the summer. Another one is waiting for me next week in Písek. I enjoy playing with young people, but I will not shoot, I will pass and I will let them kick a penalty on me. From the goalkeepers, I will not remake the attackers to Peter, and I have something to tell them, “he said with a smile.

Pupils in blue T-shirts with name tags on their backs immediately fell on him. The questions just rained … Are you still playing? “Sometimes I kick for veterans Borussie Dortmund.” Did you catch? “I started as a field player for me in Smetanov Lhota. defense, so I didn’t like it there, I wanted to run, I went straight to the attack and scored goals, so I became an attacker. “Now I prefer to catch in our village again, I don’t want to run anymore,” he said and the boys literally devoured him.

Jan Koller slaps the student Linda during the game.

Karel Felt, Right

And then we went to the playground. Koller started with the youngest. He did not shoot, passed, advised and praised. He had a wonderful match with eight-year-old Linda. The match between blue and green ended 1: 1 and went to penalties. Koller caught everyone. He had to decide for himself. He missed the goal for the green, and scored for the blue. “I apologize to the Greens for losing their match,” he said, but was applauded by another group.

Jan Koller coaches young pupils of the Petr Čech football school.

Karel Felt, Right

“It was wonderful to play with Honza Koller,” said eight-year-old Linda Ratajská, a student of Sigma in Olomouc.

Eighty-eight children from seven to fifteen came this year. Some several times. “Last year there were only children from the Czech Republic, this year there are eight students from abroad, two of them from the USA. They are divided into nine teams. They are taken care of by ten coaches, traditionally goalkeeper Zdeněk Hruška, and nine leaders. Of course, the content is not only football, but also English lessons, “said the main organizer Lenka Němcová from Sport Invest, who is in charge of a week-long school in the Nymburk Sports Center.

Jan Koller is standing in the goal and trying to catch the shot of Linda.

Karel Felt, Right

Petr Čech will not be seen by the children, but … “They will hear. A video conference is prepared for Thursday evening, during which Petr will answer the children’s questions, “she revealed.