July 28, 2021

In Spain, thousands of people are protesting against the killing of a gay man

These days, thousands of people are participating in demonstrations organized in various Spanish cities against the killing of Samuel Luiz, a 24-year-old gay man who was beaten and killed on the night between Friday and Saturday in La Coruña, in Galicia, in the north. -west of Spain. Local authorities are investigating to identify those involved in the alleged beating, treating the case as homicide motivated by homophobia.

According to the testimonies of friends who were with him on the night between Friday and Saturday, Luiz had left the club where he was to make a video call; at that point he was verbally attacked by two passersby who accused him of filming them, despite the fact that he explained that he was just making a phone call. Friends said that one of the two passers-by had beaten Luiz, leaving him scratches and wounds on his face, and that a few minutes later he returned with 12 other people who had beaten him unconscious. Luiz was then taken to hospital, where he died on Saturday morning.

Demonstrations were organized on Monday evening in several Spanish cities, including La Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Bilbao. The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, said he was confident that the police would soon identify the perpetrators of Luiz’s murder, which he called “a savage and merciless gesture”, and added that Spain “will not step back. respect for the rights and freedoms “of the people of the LGBTQIA + community.

Luiz’s assault took place a few days after the end of Pride Month, which traditionally celebrates the rights and freedoms of LGBTQIA + communities, and after the Spanish government approved the transgender rights bill. The bill provides for self-determination of one’s gender identity above the age of 16, without the need for certificates attesting to gender dysphoria or the need for surgery; it was part of the pact of the ruling coalition, which is formed by the left-wing Unidas Podemos party and Sánchez’s Spanish Socialist Party, and will have to be reviewed and discussed in parliament.