July 24, 2021

Italy-Spain, Donnarumma the hypnotist: ‘We prepare penalties, but there is also instinct’

Donnarumma confirms himself as phenomenal (also) from eleven meters: “The goalkeepers who preceded me made history in blue, I will do my best to beat them. I dedicate the victory to Spinazzola “

When Brych whistled the end of the second extra period, the comment that rose to the sky from the Italian squares and lounges was the same: luckily we have Donnarumma. The diskette policy. The wizard of eleven meters, with his 196 centimeters and those gigantic arms that make the goal smaller in the field of vision of the kicker. Several have told it: when Gigio opens his wings, those eleven meters become one hundred and eleven.

Last Stand

The hypnotist has struck again. First with Dani Olmo, who shot it over the crossbar to place it where he hoped he couldn’t get it. And then with Morata, this time rejecting him with gloves. It’s over, after all, as everyone expected because Gigio in these circumstances is a guarantee. But certainly not an exact science. For example, it was necessary for Locatelli’s error not to be followed by others, and so it was. After Jorginho’s winning penalty, Donnarumma was moved. Partly because thanks – also – to him Italy will return to Wembley for the last act, and partly because these are Europeans for him who will sanction his change of football life. From Milan to PSG, with medical examinations in the midst of the blue retreat in Rome, at the end of the group stage.

Good luck

“This is a fantastic team, I thank everyone – said Gigio at the end of the race -. We did our best, now we still need one step to make our dream come true. Spain is very strong and must be given great credit, but this Italy has a big heart. He never gives up, he never gives up. And in fact we did not give up an inch and we checked it ourselves. How will the epilogue go? I’m too superstitious, I don’t speak, I don’t speak … Now I enjoy the evening, then from tomorrow we will think about the final. We know where we started from and where I started from. The goalkeepers who preceded me made history in blue, I will do my best trying to beat them. Emotions cannot be described, everything is going through my head. I enjoy it with my teammates, and I dedicate the victory to Spinazzola. With the preparers we always look at everything, but then there is also instinct ”. Two images remain impressed in particular of Gigio during the centrifuge of penalties. First the long motivational speech with which Sirigu prepares him, complete with a finger pointing at his partner’s temple: use your head, Gigio, use your head. And then the placidity in the look of the blue 21 when he awaits conclusions. There is no fear, the tension is reduced to a minimum, there is only one ball to intercept. These are also the details that make the difference.

Revenge from the disk

Then, of course, the saves obviously matter. And not only those from eleven meters. Because Gigio was able to keep us afloat once again, with a crazy intervention on Dani Olmo after twenty-five minutes. It goes in the same box as the ones on De Bruyne and Lukaku, just to give a couple of fresh examples. Because in these Europeans Donnarumma has confirmed to be the predestined for the scepter of number one in the world. Thanks to Gigio we can take revenge from the spot of the 2008 European Championships, when Spain eliminated us in the quarterfinals. He was 9 years old and after all it took only 7 more to make his Serie A debut and 8 for his national team debut. With Milan Donnarumma was often the protagonist in penalties. He was decisive in the 2016 Super Cup against Juve, bouncing Dybala, just as he was decisive in the crazy night with Rio Ave, which ended with the Rossoneri victory after 24 shots from the spot. From a cup raised in the sky to a Europa League playoff, up to this final of the European Championships. And if Sunday were to end on penalties again, would anyone be afraid of it?