July 24, 2021

Italy-Spain ignites the Iberian press: Bonucci and Chiellini “mafiosi”, Morata’s Italian wife “a talisman”

One day is missing from the semi-final of Euro 2020 which sees the national team of Roberto Mancini and the Selection by Luis Enrique. On social media the classic controversies that gravitate around such important matches have yet to go crazy. However, the Spanish press is thinking about decorating the match between Azzurri and Red Furies with anecdotes, memories of past football eras and some clichés that, unfortunately, end in offense. There are two clichés of the “pizza, mafia, spaghetti and mandolin” quartet The world, in the opinion article The usual Italy, borrows to describe captain Chiellini and companions. He and Bonucci appear to the journalist as “two boys in suits, shaved badly and with drooping eyelids, planting their hands on your chest in an empty restaurant with checkered tablecloths – he writes -. So as not to bring anyone near Donnarumma, or the guy with the carnation in his buttonhole who eats a plate of spaghetti by himself ». In conclusion, The world uses the imagery of organized crime to describe the Azzurri’s defense department.

The Spanish press already poisoned with the Azzurri

And again: «They are not types used to winning games. They are young people used to attend funerals of victims of crimes committed by themselves to offer condolences – he concludes -. May God welcome us as confessed ». Ricardo Colmenero, author of the article, is targeting the dramas – true, but which show practically all the players – of Italians. Also from Chiellini, he states that he addressed – in the quarter-final against Belgium – the referee Slavko Vincic interpreting a lament at the height of the tears of the third act of Rigoletto. Another cliché – in Italy we would call it territorial racism – is then addressed to Immobile, who “is dying on the ground for a wound that seems fatal, and miraculously recovers to celebrate” Barella’s goal. “Surely it was the work of San Gennaro, which Alan Shearer – English commentator – defined as” pathetic “only because the Anglicans do not adore the saints”.

The author recalls, in the same piece, the “I’ll make you shoot” that Totò Schillaci – and also points out the geographical origin of the Sicilian – said to an opponent in 1990. “As soon as his career as a footballer is over, the best idea is coming was to act in a television series playing a mafia boss ». Fortunately, the same Spanish newspaper, but with a different pen, describes the couple of central defenders of Italy for sporting merits and not to joke with stereotypes belonging to another era. Bonucci and Chiellini, a titanium marriage is the title of the article by Sergio Viñas, which underlines how “the two defenders have collaborated for 11 years both in the national team and in Juventus, which makes them one of the most stable defensive duets in history, with 324 games together”.

Morata’s wife, Italian, defined as “an Achilles heel”

Viñas writes again: “Italy triumphs, Italy fails, Italy is reborn and Bonucci and Chiellini are always there, a common thread between the decline of the world champion generation of Buffon, Gattuso, Pirlo and De Rossi and the emergence of the new and modern national team of Donnarumma, Jorginho, Verratti and Insigne, a threat to Spain ». Leafing through the Spanish-language newspapers, from Madrid but also from South America, a certain sexism emerges towards Morata’s wife. The woman’s fault? Being a woman, in fact, and Italian: these two characteristics are enough for the Argentine Neuquén minute to define it “Achilles heel” of the Spanish attacker.

“The confrontation – between Spain and Italy – arouses mixed feelings in Morata, since his wife, Alice Campello, is Italian”, reads the piece. Abc instead he defines woman as “Morata’s talisman”. Subject of journalistic attention, it must be admitted that Campello herself – influencer and model – does not disdain exposure in this period: she has published several times on social media photos of her and the couple’s three children, all wearing the red Furies shirt. But from here to call it “Achilles heel” or “talisman”, objectifying it, is a sensational own goal of a certain press.

“The least Italian blue you remember”

In addition to gossip and a few articles of color, the Spanish press reports to Italy of its evolution under the Mancini management. The least Italian Azzurra that you remember is the title of an article in the Sports world, which enhances the distance from the “bolt”. Javier Alfaro writes: «This Italy, built on a showy 4-3-3, is a very creative team. In addition to dominating ball possession, a known quality, he is distinguishing himself for the excellent management he does of the same. Far from being a flat and predictable team, they know how to dominate the pace of the game at will, impressing a high one when it smells the opponent’s blood, numbing the game when, on the contrary, it is necessary ». The same newspaper, in another piece, identifies Verratti as the “clairvoyant” of the blue midfield. “Spain, you have to block Verratti – writes the journalist, underlining – the average of 4 key passes per game of the Italian player, a record higher than the average of 3.3 of the Belgian De Bruyne”. It will not be enough, however, to stop the PSG midfielder to stop the game of the “least Italian blue than you remember”. Or it would be better to say, the bluest of Italy in recent years.

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