August 6, 2021

Lovisa Lindh rages against SOK after Olympic nob: “Shame”


Lovisa Lindh is not allowed to go to the Olympics in Tokyo.

A decision that makes her feel betrayed by the Swedish Olympic Committee.

“I have no understanding or support for this decision,” she wrote on Instagram.

Lovisa Lindh has shown good form during the start of the season and has qualified for this summer’s Olympics in the 800-meter distance. But SOK said no. Despite the results, she will not be allowed to go to Tokyo.

“I have never felt so disappointed. Tokyo has been my biggest inspiration for five years “, she writes on Instagram.

She is 22nd in the ranking and there are 48 ladies who will participate in the Olympics, but she will not be one of them. She describes how it is the dream of the Olympics that has made her continue to fight when injuries and other setbacks have made her career more difficult.

“But being betrayed by my own committee causes more pain than all the stress fractures combined,” Lindh writes.

“Embarrassing behavior”

Lindh herself believes that she is currently at her best level so far in her career. An even higher level than at the Olympics in Rio 2016, where she got a place.

“I’m ashamed and I think it’s an embarrassing behavior, and this decision will be very tough to come back from,” she said before concluding the post by declaring her love for sport, noting that it is greater than the hatred she currently feels. .

Karin Torneklint, the national captain in athletics, questioned SOK’s selection rules when Sportbladet spoke to her yesterday. She believes that they remove some of the driving force for the athletes.

– We as a federation have long thought that those who qualify should be allowed to go, if you are in shape and ready for the championship. It’s no secret. We disapprove of that policy, we have made motions against it and want to influence as hard as we can, she said then.

“Destroying people’s lives”

In the comments field, Lindh receives great support. Among other things, athletics coach Yannick Tregaro supports Lindh and questions that a person should make the decision.

“Athletics is a results-based sport, no matter how simple. In the 800 m 48 will be included, Sweden / Peter Reinebo does not want to include the one who is 22a? Lovisa, you’re not alone in being poked. The years go by, we / SOK / Peter Reinebo must continue to destroy people’s lives. Damn. ”, He writes in a long comment, among other things.

Sportbladet is looking for Peter Reinebo, operations manager at SOK.