July 28, 2021

Nejvt sthovn od Vrbtic. The Russians hastily left the DPRK

This is probably the largest evacuation of Russian diplomats with their families since the arrest of the coronavirus pandemic. This was confirmed by photographs published by the Russian embassy in the North Korean capital Pyongyang on its website.

A group of diplomats, officials, administrative and technical staff left Pyongyang by rail, the embassy said on Facebook. It added that the written rules that prevail on the border with North Korea allow any movement of personnel since the arrest of 2020.

The families of the ambassadors boarded the bloody blue trains, which are commonly used for international transport. On the way, the people took their luggage with everything they needed to live in North Korea, as well as the pet.

The Japanese agency Kjd informed that a train with about 90 passengers left Korea and went to the Russian city of Chasan. Cl Russian embassy did not say.

the railways were used by two diplomats to travel back to Russia. In the burrow of this year, due to the limited traffic possibilities caused by coronavirus pandas, they had to travel the last section of the road to run a motor sink.

The North Korean government has stopped dark passenger traffic in the country in an effort to stop the virus. Although the government also claims that a day-long find on SARS-CoV-2 has not yet appeared in the DPRK, the international observer has long doubted this.

It is said that the Russian departure in July is the biggest evacuation of diplomats since the Vrbtice case. Due to the alleged involvement of Russian agents in the Czech Republic, 18 diplomats from the Czech Republic were supposed to be involved in the explosion of the muninho warehouse in Vrbtice. However, Prague then decided on the fate of another 63 envoys.

Russia has joined the strict parity in representation. Both embassies allowed 7 diplomats and 25 technical-administrative staff. Moscow was able to hire a maximum of nineteen Czech citizens in Prague for work, as well as a Czech Republic in Moscow.