July 31, 2021

NHL | Montreal – Tampa Bay 3: 2 PP, The fight for the Stanley Cup continues. Montreal celebrates its first win in the final

Jean-yves Ahern, Reuters

There was a minute of silence in front of the American and Canadian anthems behind the tragically deceased Latvian goalkeeper Columbus Matisse Kivlenieks. Montreal knew full well that the defeat in the fourth match would end his dream of winning the famous trophy. And he didn’t want to admit it. Canadiens started the match with pressure, when he sent them to Anderson in the 16th minute, to whom he addressed the pass from behind Suzuki’s goal. The home team went to the cabins with a lead of 1: 0.

However, they lost it in the second twenty minutes, when they made a mistake in the pass and Tampa punished severely with Goodrow. The third part of the match also offered a very dramatic spectacle, there was a spark on the ice and at one point there were three players from each team on the penalty bench.

They were closer to victory for the second time in the duel of the Canadiens. In the 49th minute, Romanov, a native of Moscow, had his first goal in the final series. He may not have believed at first that his throw had gone into the net, but the subsequent joy was all the greater.

But it wasn’t done and Tampa was fighting for the result. And she was compared. Joseph challenged Maroon with a great pass, who sent a tie into the open goal. At that moment, for a change, the party in blue and white jerseys cheered in euphoria, as did a handful of fans in the auditorium.

One minute and one second before the end of the basic playing time, Captain Montreal Weber hit Ondřej Palát in the face with a stick and had to take the penalty bench for two plus two minutes. The Czech attacker suffered a bloody injury, and doctors tried to put him together as quickly as possible on the switch.

Czech striker Tampa Bay Lightning Ondřej Palát suffered a bloody injury in the fourth game of the NHL final. He returned to the game, but won the match in overtime to Montreal and extended the final series.

Paul Chiasson, ČTK / AP

“There was no doubt that we would prevent the weakening for our captain,” said Montreal coach Dominique Ducharme. “I’m not surprised by the toughness of the team. We played hard. It wasn’t perfect, but we feel we can play even better and it will be like that in Tampa. We won’t give up easily,” added Ducharm, 48.

By the end of the third part of the game, the goal did not fall, even though the puck jumped on the goal construction with a huge chance for Kučerov. For the first time in the final series, the winner of the match had to be overtime.

Palát fired dangerously there, then endangered the home Suzuki. Montreal eventually survived a long weakness and struck himself. Anderson, pressed by the Czech back Rutta, sent the puck in front of the goal, but Touš did not penetrate the net. However, the agile Canadiens managed to return to the action from behind the goal, disengaged from the Czech back and happily scored.

“What could we have done differently? Probably not to hit so many sticks. Sometimes you play very well and it doesn’t work out. We don’t hang our heads, I liked a lot of things in our game,” said Lightning, a 53-year-old coach Jon Cooper.

Rutta and Palát could deal with two rings for the triumph in the Stanley Cup to Jaromír Jágr, Robert Holík, Patrik Eliáš, Petr Sýkor, Dominik Hašek and Michal Rozsíval. The record holders among the Czech champions are three-time winners Jaroslav Pouzar and Jiří Hrdina.

Twice in a row, Pouzar with Edmonton and Jáger and Hero in 1991 and 1992 with Pittsburgh managed to win only in 1984 and 1985.

In the wider cadre of the Canadian team, the forward is Michael Frolík, but in the case of the triumph of Montreal, he would count among the winners only if, unlike the course of the elimination fights so far, he intervened in the final series.

NHL Playoff Final – Match 4:
Montreal Canadiens – Tampa Bay Lightning 3: 2 in overtime (1: 0, 0: 1, 1: 1 – 1: 0)
Goals and recordings: 16. J. Anderson (Suzuki, Caufield), 49. Romanov (Evans), 64. J. Anderson (Caufield) – 38. Goodrow (McDonagh, Coleman), 54. Maroon (M. Joseph, T. Johnson). Judges: Furlatt, Sutherland – Brisebois, Murray. Exclusion: 6:10. No use. Shots on goal: 21:34. Attendance: 3500 (limited number). Match stars: 1. J. Anderson, 2. Suzuki, 3. Price (all Montreal). Series condition: 1: 3.
Montreal: Price – Weber, Chiarot, Petry, Edmundson, Kulak, Romanov – Gallagher, Danault, Toffoli – J. Anderson, Suzuki, Caufield – Lehkonen, Evans, Byron – Perry, E. Staal, Armia. Trainer: Dominique Ducharme.
Tampa Bay: Vasilevsky – Rutta, Hedman, Cernak, McDonagh, Savard, Sergachov – Kucherov, Point, Palat – Stamkos, Cirelli, Colton – Coleman, Gourde, Goodrow – M. Joseph, T. Johnson, Maroon. Coach: Jon Cooper.