August 5, 2021

Pereyra: “Messi Is At His Highest Level In His History With Argentina”

The Copa América is in its defining stage with the dispute of the semifinals. Brazil and Peru will define this Monday who of the two will reach the grand final, while Argentina and Colombia will do the same a day later.

In the first edition of the week of his podcast ‘It’s so and that’s it’, your driver Hernan Pereyra provided his analysis as a preview, focusing mainly on the performance during this tournament of Lionel messi, about whom he expressed that “he deserves to win something with the Argentine team and in the Copa América he has a great possibility.”

Pereyra began his opinion justified by stating that “he deserves to win this tournament not because Argentina has been the best team so far, that is clear to me, I simply say it because of his commitment to the shirt of his country, because of how he makes an effort in preparing for it. , for playing with the same enthusiasm as always and for making a difference on the pitch. “

“Today we are seeing a Messi with a performance superior to that shown in all his history with the albiceleste shirt, because he is not only the scorer and destabilizing Messi, now we are seeing a player who sets a game, who generates, who transports, who puts a pass and he will look for “said the ESPN analyst to then mention that the first goal against Ecuador comes from two very good passes of his and shows” his generosity because although he could define himself, he gave it to From Paul to make it 1-0. “

After highlighting that the world soccer star is already 34 years old but continues with the same commitment as always, Pereyra emphasized that “he is wearing his team’s jersey because he wants to win an important tournament, that’s why one sees him with so much desire, willing to sacrifice time with his family. It is because of that desire to win something that he has that I think it would be an act of justice if football rewards him with a title at the senior team level. “

Later, the driver of ‘It’s so and that’s it’ He emphatically asked to end the division between those who defend him and those who criticize him. “Let’s finish with all this. I am not interested in knowing who is for or against him, I only highlight what players like him or himself do. Cristiano Ronaldo for wanting the jersey of his team, for always wanting to win and for being a permanent protagonist, for transmitting the winning gene to his teammates. This is what must be highlighted, “said Pereyra.

“I have said it many times and I repeat it again: thanks to Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo himself, football has many followers in the world for its commitment, its desire to win and, also, for the love of their respective countries. While players What Keylor Navas who turns his back on his team because he prefers to be on vacation before playing a gold Cup. Messi has nothing to show for Argentina, he could have dropped out a long time ago, but he insists because he wants to win. That’s why I emphasize that he deserves to win this tournament, “said Pereyra.

Finally, his analysis focused on what Messi did against Ecuador and what is to come. “Before the selection that directs Alfaro, we saw a very participative Messi, who enthuses his teammates and makes Argentina, without spectacular football, have a real chance of winning the tournament, especially because the team learned to defend advantages, to go back, wait and define the counterattack as it did. about the final against Ecuador, “he said.

“It was not a formality for Argentina to beat Ecuador, but in the balance it was more. And although it is already in the semifinals and with possibilities of reaching the final, I am left with what Messi showed. His desire, his enthusiasm, his example on the pitch they allow us to dream of a final against Brazil, the same one that could not happen in the 2014 World Cup. Brazil is the favorite, but Argentina is getting stronger game after game from the hand of Messi and can compete and beat anyone “, he finished off.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s like this and period ‘, also includes Pereyra’s opinion on Mexico’s victory against Nigeria and the debut of Rogelio Funes Mori in the Tri, in addition to what he expects for the semifinals of the Eurocup.

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