July 31, 2021

Raffaella Carrà dead: Italy Spain was his derby

The great artist, who passed away at 78, has always been “divided” between Italy and Spain, where she was already beloved since the 1970s and the European semi-final on Tuesday will also be played in her memory, embodied in the words of Bonucci ( “Your energy will remain forever”) and from the splendid cover of the Spanish newspaper “Marca”. A Juventus fan, she was also very close to Maradona, who spent a night in prison to go to one of his concerts …


Italy-Spain without the Carrà it’s a fiesta without music, without the fire. Because it was his fantástica-fantástica game, his very personal Superclásico; and every time it was perfectly useless to expect her to take sides: she was indeed the most loved by the Italians, but venerated to such an extent in Iberian land that she earned the title of lady at the Orden del Mérito Civil, one of the highest Spanish honors. A love that exploded like a fury in 1976, with Raffaella’s time. “A broadcast of four episodes – he told al Corriere della Sera – of one hour each. Nobody knew me. I spoke little of the language. But I had my dancers, beautiful clothes and a whole new way of performing for them. But I was lucky, my program came after high-profile football matches, like Real Madrid-Barça, that’s the reason for the great success. “From there, all his catchphrases will pass through Spain, from Pedro a Dance, dance, his hits from millions of records will constantly emanate a perfume with a Latin flavor, soon invested with the scepter of the undisputed icon of the genre. He nurtured a sympathy for Real, the “Spanish version” of his Juventus: but even in this case, faced with a “cross” challenge, he preferred to remain impartial so as not to do any wrong to his “two” homelands. As in 2017, on the occasion of the Feast of June 2, testimonial of the Italian embassy in Madrid to celebrate the anniversary of the Republic, on the eve of the Champions League final between Juve and You meringues: “Let’s just hope it’s a good match – he declared from the stage of the Conde Duque Palace, after improvising by popular acclaim How beautiful it is to make love … – Good luck to all … “.

Raffaella Carrà guest of Juventus in 2012, in the years of Antonio Conte – © LaPresse

Faith for Juventus and the memory of Bonucci

“Dear Juve: I like you, ah-ah! I like you, ah-ah-ah! I like you, very, very much, ah! It seems incredible but I am in love with you …”. Within national borders, his diplomatic responsibilities wavered like Italic respectability in the heyday of TucaTuca: the DNA of the Bolognese artist was blatantly black and white. Several times godmother of the club, guest at Continassa in 2019, happy as a little girl (what she was) to be able to hug his idols Bonucci and Chiellini, today our Italian standard-bearers who will play for her in the European semifinal with Spain. “Your smile and your energy will remain forever”, the farewell of Leo, the protagonist of an episode of “You begin to tell stories”. Accompanied by the affectionate greeting from Juventus: “Hi, Raffaella”.

The messages from Bonucci and Juventus for the death of Raffaella Carrà
The messages from Bonucci and Juventus for the death of Raffaella Carrà

Maradona and that night in prison for Raffaella

The only exception – for which she was certainly not accused of treason – was reserved for the Naples of Maradona, for the personal friendship that bound her to Diego, who was crazy for her (like all Argentines and, more generally, South Americans). “I met him in Italy when I invited him to my television programs – he confessed to Messenger – but the first time he came to me and he is too ended up in prison. I used to sing in a large arena in Buenos Aires. It was 1979. He must have been 18 years old. The arena was full, there was no room left, but he still tried to go inside to listen to me. He said to the policemen: ‘You don’t know who I am!’ I read this story the next day on the Clarin. It was my fault that Diego had spent the night in the guard“. In 1998 he organized a “carrambata” of his for the Kid, dragging all the companions of Dieguito to the Naples of the first championship in the Rai studios in Rome. Maradona reciprocated by dedicating an evening to her in 2005 at the “Night of Ten “, with the couple unleashed to the rhythm of Fiesta, one of the most famous hits of the diva. Who addressed a very tender thought to Diego on the day of his death, last November 25: “Dear, my dear friend, I suffer so much and I pray, you left us too soon. I love you”.

The last dance of Raffa & Diego

A month before his death, for Maradona’s 60 years, the Carrà had also worn the Albiceleste shirt – signed by him – to wish his old admirer the best. “You always say that I am your idol – Raffaella’s message – but in reality you are my myth. Always in my heart”. Destiny wanted a 5 July, like the day on which Maradona landed at the San Paolo stadium: in that summer of 1984 the host of “Pronto, Raffaella” – a format then copied all over the world, which also earned him the European Female Character of the Year award – sang Fatality and Qué dolor, sadly come back today – or maybe not! – fashionable on social media and among the very young.

Maradona and Raffaella Carrà

Marca’s homage

Also Brand, one of the main Spanish sports newspapers, wanted to pay homage to her by choosing a phrase-manifesto of her boundlessness prize list musical, to present Italy-Spain: “How fantastic this party“, the opening that stands out in first page. L’bye to Raffaella.

The first page of Marca dedicated to Raffaella Carrà
The first page of Marca dedicated to Raffaella Carrà