August 2, 2021

Raffaella Carrà, the hidden disease that killed her in a few months

Raffaella Carrà she died of an illness that had attacked her tiny body full of energy for a few months. The disease has not been disclosed but some information has leaked that it is lung cancer, or rather lung cancer. For some months the soubrette had disappeared from the salons and in public, unfortunately the disease hit her in a devastating way, but despite everything Carra had will and courage to sell.

Raffaella Carrà, the loves with Boncompagni and Japino: “With Gianni galeotta the interview at 5 in the morning”

Raffaella Carrà’s body devastated by the disease

It had been missing from public life for months. This is because the disease that struck Raffaella Carrà was devastating, as told by Sergio Japino himself, his life partner for many years. Raffaella had «an iron will that never abandoned her until the end, making sure that nothing of her deep suffering leaked out. Yet another gesture of love towards her audience and towards those who shared her affection, so that her personal ordeal would not disturb the bright memory of her ».

Raffaella Carrà, from the bare navel to the “helmet” of Vergottini’s hair, the style of a star

The last wishes

Raffaella Carrà had understood that the end had come. Before the illness took her away, he had made arrangements for his funeral. “Raffaella asked for a simple coffin of raw wood and an urn to contain her ashes. In the saddest hour, always unique and inimitable, like her overwhelming laugh. And this is how we all want to remember her”, wrote Sergio Japino.

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