August 4, 2021

Spectators return to the stadiums – 25,000 at Hertha, only 11,006 at Union – BZ Berlin

The fans are returning to the stadiums for the new season. However, it won’t be as many as many clubs have hoped. The heads of the state and senate chancelleries decided: With the start of the 2021/22 season, up to 25,000 fans will be allowed into the stadiums.

The decision: The arenas may be used to a maximum of 50 percent, with the total number of spectators being capped at 25,000 for the time being.

Means: At Hertha in the Olympic Stadium (74,649 seats) 25,000 fans are allowed in. At Union (22,012) only 11,006 spectators.

The basic requirement for the return of the audience is approval by the responsible authorities. The incidence figures, which must not exceed 35, are taken into account.

With an incidence of over 35, only 5,000 viewers are admitted.

A Hertha spokesman said: “We were delighted to see this decision, we dearly wish our fans to return. We have been prepared for various scenarios for a long time under the leadership of Tom Herrich’s team and are continuously in coordination with the responsible authorities. “

Only at the start of the season were 4,000 spectators allowed into the wide area around the Olympic Stadium - until the incidence figures rose sharply again (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)
It could soon be full again in the Olympic Stadium (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Malu Dreyer (60, SPD), Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate explains: “Access for vaccinated, convalescent or tested people is very important, as is compliance with the minimum distance and personalized tickets.”

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However, the governing mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller (56, SPD), warns: “With a view to the dangers of new virus variants, one thing is certain, that we must continue to be careful, because the pandemic is by no means over. We must not and do not want to risk a fourth wave of the pandemic. “

The only exception to the new regulation: Bayern only allow 20,000 to come to the Allianz Arena. The reasons are the increasing number of cases and the spread of the delta variant.