July 27, 2021

Successful basketball players returned to the Czech Republic, everyone was “soaked” in the Olympics celebrations

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

“It’s true that we still can’t believe it. But we all celebrated it. Saty (Tomáš Satoranský) was a vocal leader, but otherwise each of us was soaked in it,” laughed pivot Ondřej Balvín.

The national basketball team will appear under five circles for the first time in separate history and for the first time since 1980. Although the celebrations in Victoria complicated local restrictions due to coronavirus, which prevented the Czechs from leaving the hotel, players found their way to success after the final triumph over Greece (97:72 ) to drink.

Great! The basketball players took over Greece and fought their way to the Olympics in Tokyo

“There was no bar open at the hotel as part of the bubble, but it wouldn’t be Czechs not to cope. I can confirm that Pilsner beer in Victoria ran out and all volunteers from the Facebook group Czechs and Slovaks in Victoria bought alcohol in local shops to bring us drinks to the hotel and the boys could celebrate, “said the national team manager Michal Šob.

The Czech basketball players defeated the favored Greeks and will play in the Olympics. The picture shows the only Czech in the NBA, Tomáš Satoranský.

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

“It was definitely an adequate celebration, but there was nothing too wild again. We all got up in the morning and went to the airport. Tomas (Satoransky) flew to Chicago to his family, Honza (Vesely) again through Istanbul. We didn’t have much space again,” said Sob.

Even after returning to the Czech Republic, the players did not fully achieve their life success. “It’s still falling on us slowly. But it was a great experience and the Olympics will be the next level. We are already looking forward to it,” said Patrik Auda. “Something like that will take a while before we realize it,” Balvin added.

COMMENT: Olympic reward for players who are looking forward to each other but can also tease each other

Now the representatives are waiting for a short vacation, which some will spend abroad again. “Although I’m not a very beach person, I will go to my friends and former teammate from Bilbao to relax in Mallorca,” said Balvín.

The reunion of the basketball players is scheduled for July 15, and four or five days later, the team should fly to Tokyo, depending on the tickets. Here, the sports grounds will open on July 20. The opening duel with Iran awaits Ginzburg’s selection on July 25 from 3:00 CEST.

This team does not have to be afraid of anyone, Welsch says about Czech basketball players

“We are happy for all the feedback we have received from the Czech Republic in recent days. It is true that I was at the World and European Championships, but I would like one more thing. I would like to see Tomáš Satoranský as the flag bearer of the Czech team. I think he would deserve it, “added Sob.