July 28, 2021

Superbike, Toprak Razgatlioglu and the art of stubble inherited from the stuntman father

The Turkish of Yamaha, world leader, is a master of ‘Stoppie’, in which he performs to celebrate: this is the technique of an evolution in which his father Arif excelled

He is the biker of the moment. His identikit? Turkish, fast, whimsical and new world leader after the Donington round. We are obviously talking about Toprak Razgatlioglu, who with his Yamaha is trying to bring down the reign of Jonathan Rea.

renewal and party

Turkish, 24, a protégé of Kenan Sofuoglu five times Supersport World Champion, Toprak achieved 3 wins and 6 other podiums this season, attracting the attention of the Iwata house also for MotoGP. Invitation declined with the renewal, again with Yamaha, to stay in Superbike until 2023 announced on the eve of the Donington GP.

genetic equilibrium

In addition to speed skills, Razgatlioglu stands out for those of control of the bike. On the track and in the pits. Yes, because Toprak usually celebrates by wheeling upside down on the front wheel. What is called stubble, which he does to perfection by spinning the bike on the front wheel 90 degrees. A quality, that of balance, which has a genetic heritage, given that Toprak’s father, Arif, was a stuntman, nicknamed ‘Tek Terek Arif’, that is ‘Single wheel’ for his ability to drive with the front tire detached from land.

Personal touch

The son has perfected the evolution, putting a personal touch on it. The ‘basic scheme’, according to Brembo data, is this: entry into the pit lane at 80 km / h in second gear, then a pressure of 12-14 bar on the front brake, keeping the elbows not rigid and the knees almost tightening around the tank. When the rear wheel lifts, Razgatlioglu reduces the pressure on the lever to 2-3 bar, to avoid tipping forward, maintaining balance and then downshifting into first gear and using the rear brake to regain contact with the ground. This evolution is also possible thanks to the lightness of the Brembo components and the Marchesini rims, given that a pair of 17 ” forged magnesium wheels weigh just 6 kg. A brake pump is also essential to ensure prompt and modular braking. As well as fingers and sensitivity to know how to manage it. See you next wheelie!