July 25, 2021

The Lancia Delta Integrale is now electric. The French restomod

The French Gck has reworked the former Rally queen in 47 units with an electric powertrain and other innovations. So Didier Auriol: “It is a beautiful and extraordinary project”

A legendary Lancia Delta Integrale even more special: electric. Thanks to the restomod project of the French Gck, this car symbol of an era, the undisputed ruler of rallies in the 80s and 90s, is reborn to a second life. On the surface it looks like a traditional Delta Integrale, but a fully electric powertrain pulsates under the bodywork. The engine is not the only novelty on the car, which adopts a series of innovative technical solutions aimed at improving performance, especially through weight reduction, thanks to the use of modern and light materials.

A dream in 47 pieces

“We chose the Lancia Delta Integrale for this project that wants to explore the world of the Restomod because it is a vehicle that made us dream – explained Guerlain Chicherit, former skier and rally raid driver today in charge of Gck – rally par excellence, certainly the most incredible and iconic of its time, and it remains extremely popular with enthusiasts. Personally I love driving my Delta for the unique sensations it offers and from today I will be able to do it also in the centers of large cities, in full respect of ‘environment”. The electric Lancia will be produced in 47 units, of which 36 Evo-e and 11 Evo-e Rally, the latter characterized by particularly high performance.

Auriol: “Symbol of an era”

“The Lancia is the symbol of an era and I am particularly attached to this brand with which I won my first Monte Carlo Rally – says Didier Auriol, world rally champion in 1994 with Toyota, who tested the Lancia Delta Evo- and on the French circuit of Charade – In 1989 I was an official Lancia Martini driver alongside Miki Biasion. I was the young man next to the experienced driver and we are still friends today. Between us there has always been a good fight, but a sporty one. The first year I tried to learn: I was strong like him on the asphalt, but on dirt I had to refine my style and the set-up of the car. My best memory? The victory of the Monte Carlo Rally. For any driver, but above all for a French, this race has a special flavor, plus I was in a factory car for the first time in the best team in the world. I finished first after a nice fight with Miki. It was an incredible satisfaction “.

“same driving sensations”

That year Biasion won his second world title, while Auriol finished 5th. Didier made a comeback the following year, finishing second overall after winning in France and Italy. The battles against Carlos Sainz Sr were also legendary, when Auriol was in Lancia and the Spaniard in Toyota, but they were also teammates with the Japanese car: “With Carlos we grew up together. He has always been ‘El Matador’, a hard worker, attentive to details. Carlos pushed for the greatest number of tests, evolution pieces and then in the race he had a great thirst for victory. Like all of us after all. It’s fantastic to see him still busy at the highest levels on the Dakar Rally and the Extreme E “. But what makes this Restomod project special? “I like it very much because the Lancia Delta Evo-e maintains the same driving sensations as the original model. It is not a racing car, but it is designed for the road and I think it is an extraordinary tool to attract a whole generation of Lancia Delta enthusiasts. Integral. I like to think that this model can also involve young people and interest them in the history of this brand that marked an era in rallies. We belong to the generation accustomed to the roar of engines, the smell of petrol, oil, ‘asphalt, but the world is changing and it is wonderful to be able to keep up with the times, updating the heritage “.

mind-boggling price

The Lancia Delta Evo-e has kept the manual gearbox, which allows exceptional and unique driving sensations for an electric vehicle. Modern and current for its timeless lines, the body incorporates new sportier elements, embellished with matte gray paint and carbon fiber accents. As for the price, the Lancia Delta Evo-e in the limited edition of 47 units is around 250 thousand euros. And if the Lancia Delta was Restomod’s first project, Chicherit and Gck are looking ahead: “Our advanced experience in powertrain components allows us to convert cars, heavy vehicles and boats and thus promote the energy transition. This can provide a significant economic impact for our customers by allowing them to adapt their fleet rather than replace it. ”