July 26, 2021

The Star Is Pedri – ActionPush

Pedro Gonzalez Lopez keep rolling the gum in a dream season. After signing for the Barcelona and consolidate itself as a fixed and important asset in the Barça team, with barely 18 years he is living his first great tournament of national teams with Spain.

And, of course, he has not gone ‘for a walk’. The Canarian midfielder is a fixed for Luis Enrique from the beginning, and proof of this is that he has only lost a minute so far in the European Championship (He was substituted in the 119th minute against Switzerland in the quarterfinals). That has made him, apart from his great performances, accumulate praise everywhere before a football planet that continues to amaze with his maturity.

He has me freaking out, he plays like I’m 40

lvaro Morata

“Pedri has me hallucinating, he plays as if he were 40 years old”, said a few days ago his partner lvaro Morata, who admits feeling astonished with the work of his partner, whose great handling of the ball, verticality and precision have been key for La Roja to be passing rounds. Also other ‘veterans’ like Azpilicueta they praised Pedri at the start of the tournament: “Is able to do anything with the ball. He has a confidence that is seen in the field, it is very important. ” Thiago: “Pedri is an example of that ancient talent where everything is natural”.

Pedri’s promise for his next goal: pick up the glove and it will be his celebrationMIRAMETV

But not only from the concentration itself do they cheer the ears of the midfielder born in Tegueste. One more than authorized voice in the Selection as Cesc Fbregas I was hallucinating with Pedri after the first game against Sweden. “It is so good that even Leo Messi passes the ball to him“, joked on the BBC, adding: “He is not afraid to take the initiative, he has shown a great rapport with Jordi Alba. And he is only 18 years old. I think he’s going to be a superstar. ”

I think he’s going to be a superstar

Cesc Fbregas

In the preview of the semifinals match, from Italy they have already ‘warned’ Roberto Mancini’s team about the danger of Pedri. It has been nothing less than Fabio Capello: “I love it. I have never seen an 18-year-old player with such personality and quality as he has. Besides, he works hard, runs, defends, attacks. He is incredible. It is well known that The first time I saw Messi play live I said that it would be a phenomenon and that I loved him. Well, let’s say that Pedri, as a midfielder, can be the same, one of the best in the world because it has it all. “

Pedri’s promise if Spain wins the Euro

All this taking into account everything that he carries on his legs, since he was the Bara’s field footballer -together with De Jong- who played the most matches (37). This has led him to be Golden Boy nominee already be the youngest player in the history of Spain to play a European Championship. An adventure that does not end here, since the Games are on the horizon.

The first time I saw Messi play live I said it would be a phenomenon, because Pedri, as a midfielder, can be the same

Fabio Capello

In a Spanish team in which many fans missed a super star that it was a reference representing the country on the field, One has appeared who wants to eat the world when not 7 months ago she was a minor.

The star is Pedri