July 24, 2021

the summer offers from 4 euros per month between Giga and minutes

Summer has begun and with it the myriad of mobile phone deals. All operators in the sector are ready to battle.


The best offers for our smartphones come as always with the summer. The new low cost operators are ready to battle it out to try to win over as many customers as possible with truly sensational offers. As well as the largest managers, the most well-known Iliad, WindTre, Vodafone and Tim also aim to acquire new customers with truly incredible offers, below are the best offers of the month of July under 10 euros per month of subscription.

I managers low cost often owned by the same big names of mobile telephony, indeed, almost always offer offers that go to satisfy the usual requests of users, always looking for free calls and sms and above all for a quantity of data to be exchanged for the more than satisfactory web connection. Among these we find Very Mobile, of the brand WindTre, with its offer based on the origin of the new customer, obviously referring to the previous manager.

Very Mobile 50 Giga at a cost of € 5.99 per month for those coming from Iliad, Fastweb, CoopVoce and other virtual operators, for 100 Giga, instead the cost is 6.99 euros per month. With a new number to activate, instead the 50 Giga goes to 5,99 euro per month while the 100 Giga for 7.99 euros.

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Mobile telephony: the best offers of the summer under 10 euros

Postemobile, a well-known Poste Italiane mobile phone brand, offered the offer until July 4th Creami WOW 30Gb at 4.99 euros per month, with 30 Gb of traffic in 4G + with navigation up to 300 Mbps, plus Credit unlimited for minutes and SMS. Activation cost 20 euros with 10 euros of traffic. Kena mobile instead offers the 50 Giga offer with 7.99 euros per month with speeds up to 30 Mbps. Activation cost of the new sim 4.99 euros.

Got Mobile 100 Giga it can be subscribed by those coming from Iliad, PosteMobile, Fastweb and other virtual operators, a 9,99 euro per month, with no activation fee.

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Another very interesting brand is Spusu, with offers ready to satisfy any request relating to minutes and text messages to use, at prices starting from 4 euros per month up to 6 euros per month for the top offer, truly a summer full of offers. The promotion battle has just begun.