August 2, 2021

Wimbledon: Oscar Otte’s dad on ATP tour and dentist job

Cologne –

His son Oscar (27) was the first Cologne professional tennis player after Cilly Aussem, who last month, most recently on June 30, stood on Center Court at Wimbledon. Papa Rolf Otte (66) had to cheer in front of the television in Cologne’s Südstadt, although he would have liked to be there. In the EXPRESS conversation, the dentist, who does not want to fit into the cliché of tennis dad, chats about the relationship with his son, the tennis circus and the Cologne roots of the ATP star.

  • Oscar Otte’s father is great in Cologne’s Südstadt district
  • How Rolf Otte doctored Carlos Santana
  • Cologne tennis professional conquers hearts

Well, Andy Mies had a fun match as a Cologne native in 2019 on the venerable Center Court in Wimbledon. But even Rolf Otte did not think that his son would one day become the first Cologne man after the legendary Cilly Aussem to enter the sacred London lawn in a competitive game. Unfortunately Oscar lost to the British Andy Murray. But so be it. Because Oscar won the hearts of tennis fans and even Boris Becker was full of praise.

Cologne: Oscar Otte conquered the hearts of tennis fans

“Oscar was fixated on balls from childhood,” remembers Papa Rolf in his apartment in the southern part of the city. “But I’ve never been such a figure skating dad. I took care of it, but Oscar handled it all on his own. ”That’s right: Rolf Otte doesn’t fit into the cliché of the fine tennis circus.

The dentist, who has been running a practice at the egg cookie for 35 years, celebrates the down-to-earth attitude. “I was in the stands with Oscar at the French Open. I had a nice drink and looked at the people who had their noses at the top. I once told them what a stick up their asses. “

One heart and one soul: Oscar Otte and Papa Rolf together on a visit to a restaurant in Cologne in 2019.

This is exactly the recipe why Sohnemann Oscar made it and measured himself against the greats of the world like Roger Federer or Alexander Zverev: “The Oscar is simply normal. You can’t let it run around posh. “

Tennis professional – what else would have been out of the question for the Cologne resident. Papa Rolf has to laugh when he thinks about his son’s school days. That was good, but Oscar is even stronger on the pitch.

Cologne: Rolf Otte runs a dental practice

The fact that he was not allowed to be in London because of Corona hurts him very much. “That’s a shame. But Oscar always wrote me a WhatsApp. “What did it say? “Dad, ten more minutes.” Or: “Rain break, it will go on in a moment”. Rolf Otte could hardly bear that on TV. “I burned myself a nice one afterwards.”

Rolf Otte in Südtstadt Cologne

Dentist Rolf Otte in Cologne’s Südstadt district: For 35 years, the father of ATP star Oscar Otte has been running a practice at the Eierplätze.

Son Oscar won hearts with his wonderfully refreshing manner. He must have got that from his papa, who, by the way, is also no stranger to his field and knows everyone in Südstadt.

“I was once a touring dentist for BAP, because I have a close relationship with the Cologne music scene. And once I had to treat Carlos Santana before his concert in the Lanxess Arena. And Oscar Peterson, because the bit fell into the sink and we glued it back on. “

If you don’t know them – you just have to take the Otte family to your heart. And Oscar also has a close relationship with papa and mom, from whom Rolf lives separately.

“Oscar is often here in Cologne, has a key for my apartment and then lives with me. Of course, it’s also about tennis. But then we go out to eat something, I cook something and we have a nice hour. You can forget about chic. “

A wonderfully honest dad, and the son man a popular figure in the German tennis scene: Kölsch tennis heart, what more could you want?