July 24, 2021

Zlatan, the good King, retweets a life lesson: “It is not decided between the ages of 14 and 15 how successful you will be”

Three Swedish champions had been discarded from summer football camps because they weren’t the best in their districts when they were very young. And Zlatan retweets the post to give courage to tomorrow’s talents.

An imperative: never be discouraged. There are many stories of young players who seemed not to make it but who then, in one way or another, were rewarded by perseverance. Jamie Vardy worked in the factory before playing for Leicester and was about to give up his kick. Joao Felix had been discarded by another team because he was too thin before exploding with Benfica. Similarly, three Swedish champions, at a young age, had been discarded from summer football camps because they weren’t the best in their own districts. And Zlatan retweets the post.

WHAT A WASTE – The Swedish page Fotbol24, publishes on Instagram the news that seems to propose to impart a lesson in perseverance. In Sweden, to be precise in the city of Halmstad, there are youth football retreats in which the most promising youngsters from each Swedish district are invited. Over the decades, the southernmost region, Scania, has missed two names that have made Swedish football history, Henrik Larsson (Helsinborg) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Malmö). Similarly, the county of Västranorrland, specifically the city of Sundsvall, has let one of the most polite feet in today’s football slip away: Emil Forsberg. These Elitläger, elite camps, are a way to discover very interesting young talents.

CONFIRMATION – Similarly, the Instagram post denounces, every year they lead many young players to lose motivation and confidence in their technical means. But don’t worry if you aren’t chosen. “Neither Ibra, nor Larsson, nor Forsberg took part in the Elitläger. In other words: between the ages of 14 and 15, it is not decided how successful you will be in your career“Glosses Fotbol 24. The news comes from a national channel that deals with football but who can give even greater authority to the post? Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who decides to post a Tweet on his account with the link to the post on Instagram without adding anything. He who always has something to say seems to symbolically give a pat on the back to whoever wrote that contribution. A good King who, when necessary, knows how to use his visibility to give football and life lessons.