August 6, 2021

Amsterdam: arrests after assassination of criminal reporter Peter de Vries – News abroad

For years, Peter R. de Vries (64) has been fighting the worst criminals. Now the renowned star reporter is fighting for his life.

Amsterdam – De Vries was shot and seriously injured in a cowardly attack on Tuesday evening. As reported by the Dutch media, five shots are said to have been fired. One hit the 64-year-old in the chest, one shot went to the head! Rescue workers had to reanimate de Vries on site.

Nothing has yet been announced about the background to the crime. According to the police, two suspects were arrested on Autobahn 4 near the Leidschenda exit. They are a 35-year-old man of Polish nationality who resides in Maurik (Gelderland Province, Netherlands) and a 21-year-old resident in Rotterdam. The two suspects will be brought before the examining magistrate on Friday.

House searches were carried out in Tiel, Maurik and Rotterdam that evening and that night. Various data carriers and ammunition were confiscated there.

Peter R. de Vries was gunned down in a cowardly attack in AmsterdamPhoto: picture alliance / ROBIN UTRECHT

He is the leading crime reporter in the Netherlands, regularly appears as a spokesman for victims or witnesses at trials, and is a popular talk guest: Peter R. de Vries (64). Most recently he was the confidante of the key witness in the Marengo trial against organized crime. Specifically, 17 suspects and alleged Mafia members are on trial for various murders.

Nabil B. changed sides, became a key witness for the public prosecutor – and a target of the Mafia members. Shortly after his impending testimony became known, his non-criminal brother was murdered. B.’s lawyer was shot dead on September 18, 2019. Then yesterday the cowardly assassination attempt on Peter R. de Vries.

Through his work and his tireless commitment, Peter R. de Vries himself came into the focus of drug barons, murderers and mafia members. Incredible: despite persistent threats, de Vries had apparently renounced personal protection!

Heavily armed: officers secure the entrance to the

Heavily armed: officers secure the entrance to the “VU Medical Center”Foto: action press

As reported by the “Nederlandse Omroep Stichting”, the journalist is said to have consciously decided against police protection in order not to be restricted in his freedom and work: “He knew about the risk he was taking and accepted it”, said Marcel Vink on BILD. The “De Telegraaf” journalist knows Peter de Vries personally and knows how important his work was to him. Vink: “He didn’t want police protection, didn’t want to live in fear, to work freely. He always said: ‘I don’t want police protection that is there every day!’ “.

“Yesterday our worst nightmare became a reality. We as a family envelop Peter with love and hope during this difficult phase. Much is still uncertain, but what is certain is that all statements of support from all over the country give us a lot of support. The family “, writes Royce de Vries, thanks for the national participation.

VU Medical Center in Amsterdam is guarded by heavily armed police officers.  De Vries is treated here

Officials secure the entrance to the hospital where de Vries is being treatedPhoto: EPA

“We are shaken and wish everyone a lot of strength during this terrible time. It was an attack on free journalism. It was an attack on the rule of law and on journalism that made the country strong. We want to mourn with you at this difficult moment, ”said King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands to the waiting journalists in Berlin.

Together with Queen Máxima, he has been on a state visit to Germany for days. On the evening of the attack, the Dutch royal family reacted to the attack via Facebook and Twitter.

“The news that the journalist Peter R. de Vries was gunned down shook us deeply. He and everyone close to him are in our thoughts, ”the post says.

And further: “Journalists should be able to carry out their important work unhindered and freely. We feel connected to everyone who campaigns for the free press in our constitutional state. “

The police are investigating, no background is known yet

The police are investigating, no background is known yetPhoto: EPA

The cowardly shots at Peter R. de Vries

▶ ︎ Tuesday evening 7.30 p.m .: Peter R. de Vries leaves the RTL Boulevard recording studio, where he spoke as an expert in a live talk. The subject: a hairdresser murder from October 2019.

▶ ︎ All alone he walks through the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam, looks at his cell phone and wants to get to his car. He knows the way, has gone it so often. A routine that the shooters presumably also knew about. A routine that makes the defenseless reporter the target of cowardly attacks.

▶ ︎ Even before De Vries reached the parking garage, five shots were fired. At least one bullet hits him in the head. There is a lot going on on the street at this time. The shooter flees and bystanders rush to help De Vries.

A video from a surveillance camera is circulating on the Internet, it is said to show a man with a motorcycle helmet walking behind de Vries. Policemen in a car patrol the normal way, turn right. A few seconds later you can hear gunshots.

Another video shows a man, also in a light gray suit, lying lifeless on the floor. Blood is protruding from under his head. Allegedly it should be de Vries. A woman jerks him, tries to speak to him.