July 24, 2021

Benedict Cumberbatch: The actor makes Wimbledon glamorous

Benedict Cumberbatch
The Hollywood star brings glamor to Wimbledon

Benedict Cumberbatch (with hat) and Olly Murs (next to left) at Wimbledon

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With a summer jacket and a matching straw hat, Benedict Cumberbatch stood out at Wimbledon. Other stars sat around him.

Last year, Wimbledon was canceled without replacement due to the corona pandemic, this year spectators are again allowed to attend the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Numerous celebrities also insisted on paying a visit to the Grand Slam tournament in the London borough of Wimbledon to see Roger Federer, 39, Novak Djokovic, 34, and Co. in action.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a sports fan

So did Benedict Cumberbatch, 44. The actor could not be overlooked in his elegant straw hat with a light blue ribbon that perfectly matched the color of his jacket on Tuesday (July 6th, 2021) in the audience of the Center Court. Cumberbatch is known to be a big sports fan, even if his main passion is football. In Formula 1, however, he has also interviewed the winners of the races for television.

Search picture with stars

But not only Benedict Cumberbatch can be seen in the photo from Wimbledon. Singer Olly Murs, 37, sits directly to his left. The Briton, in turn, has his girlfriend, bodybuilder Amelia Tank, 27, by his side. The British comedian Jack Whitehall, 32, sits above Murs. Jessie J, 33, didn’t quite make it onto the illustrious photo. The musician has taken a seat next to the older man who is sitting next to Cumberbatch.