July 26, 2021

Campazzo Assures That Argentina Will Have A ‘battle’ Against Slovenia In The Basketball Of Tokyo 2020 – Marca Claro

The albiceleste will face Spain, Japan and Slovenia | @cabboficial

The Argentine Basketball team you already know the rivals you will face in the first phase of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The albiceleste is in the group C with Japan, Spain (current world champion) and Slovenia.

The tournament will be played from July 25 to August 7. Argentina will make its debut on Monday July 26 against Slovenia, a rival that Facundo Campazzo warns will be “a battle”.

“It will be a battle, We have to prepare ourselves as best as possible to get to that day in the best way possible. (To Luka) I’ll write to him, but nothing more. To have fun, to have a good time and to try to win ”.

Campazzo mentioned in a hand-to-hand talk with Prensa CAB.

Slovenia got their place in group C this Sunday after winning the Olympic playoff by defeating Lithuania. The star of Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic made the difference in the hard-fought final and after qualifying, they will participate in their first Olympic Games.

“I personally know several players from Slovenia. They are a very talented team, with a lot of danger in all their positions. They get along well, they have good chemistry, dynamics and they have played together for a long time. It is a team led by Luka. He is the head of the serpent ”.

Campazzo assures that Argentina will have a battle against Slovenia

Campazzo knows Doncic very well, who is his friend and former teammate at Real Madrid and ensures that they are players who are at another level and that those kinds of players are defended as a team.

“They are players who are at a very high level, or from another level directly. Obviously it will require a special defense, not a single man. These kinds of players are defended as a team, which is what we are going to try. Although they have many players who can score you, we consider Luka to be the head of the snake, as I already told you. I also know Vlatko (Cancar) Who I played with a bit in Denver. He is a player who understands basketball, he moves very well, carries a lot of danger and defends well “, ended.

Argentina national team will face Spain on Thursday 29, in a reissue of the 2019 World Cup final and the closing of the group stage will be before Japan on Sunday, August 1.