July 28, 2021

EURO 2021 | Humiliating theater? The captain of Italy may have broken the Spaniards at the penalty draw

The huge drama was unraveling, fans of both countries were nervous about breaking, the battle for the EURO final between football giants Spain and Italy was still undecided 1: 1 after extra time, so he had to decide a penalty shootout. However, the situation before it began was not very reminiscent of a heart attack. Perhaps in these moments, Italy has gained an important psychological advantage.

Carl Recine, Reuters

The captain of the azzura squadron Giorgio Chiellini came to the draw of the penalty shootout in a surprisingly relaxed mood, almost as if he were an insignificant friend and not one of the highlights of the championship.

Chiellini laughed in all directions, and even during the draw he snorted in exaggeration with his Spanish counterpart, Jordi Alba, but he didn’t laugh much. It was clear that the weight of the moment had befallen him properly.

After referee Felix Brych dropped the draw on the lawn, both captains showed their preferred side where penalties should be played, but this battle was eventually won by the laughing Italian. The shootout eventually took place in the middle of the field, where fans from the Apennine Peninsula predominated.

The battle of the giants was decided by a penalty shootout. The Italians are the first EURO finalists

Veteran Chiellini hugged theatrically with Alba. Even at this moment, however, the Spaniard’s emotions did not melt, which seemed to foreshadow the sadness that his team and the whole country experienced after the last series of penalties. Alvaro Morata did not change his attempt, while Jorginho did, and Italy could rejoice in advancing to the final.

Spanish football captain Jordi Alba (right) and his Italian counterpart Giorgio Chiellini before a penalty shootout in the EURO semifinals.

Laurence Griffiths, Reuters

Not everyone in Spain accepted Chiellini’s behavior before the shooting. For example, according to El Chiringuito TV host Josep Pedrerol, the Italian veteran’s actions towards Alb were “humiliating”.

EURO 2021

The European Football Championship, which was originally scheduled to be played a year ago, it starts on June 11 and ends on July 11. EURO is hosted by eleven countries, the Czech national football team advanced from the group from third place and lost to the Netherlands in the round of 16. The championship finale is played at the legendary Wembley.