July 24, 2021

Europeans, Porrà’s Man of Sunday dedicated to Mancini’s Italy

Second special that “L’Uomo Della Domenica” dedicates to the adventure of the National team, to the stories and the most incisive faces of an already unforgettable European. Appointment from tonight at 19.30 on Sky Sport Football and available on demand

From tonight on Sky Sport the second special that “The Sunday Man” dedicates to the great adventure of Azzurri, to the stories and faces of a European already unforgettable. In addition to the companies of Mancini’s group, the episode pays homage to Giampiero Boniperti, recently passed away, who in a beautiful euro-challenge – England / Rest of Europe of 21 October 1953 – affixed two personal gems to the final score of 4 to 4.

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Giorgio Porrà’s narration retraces the most incisive events of the tournament still in progress. “The European of celebrating stadiums, of hearts in alarm, of sudden magic, of complaints on their knees, of inclusive rainbows, of symbolic hugs, of Italy that reveals its beauty projected into the future”, even if it does not repeat the victory of 1968.

The bet reflects on Eriksen case and its most human aspect: “Christian and Simon, the saved and the savior. The central figures of the happy ending drama in Copenhagen, the place of fairy tales “ writes Porrà. We then talk about others euro-hugs: the fraternal and touching one between Vialli and Mancini – which also occupies the program poster – and the consolatory one of Lukaku to a stiff and disappointed CR7.

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The virtuosities that mark the 2020 European Championship did not occur only on the pitch, but also outside the white lines. “Maybe the truth about Italy – writes Porrà – is also enclosed in that Mancini’s heel shot on the sidelines. ” That sudden spark on a released balloon is there to suggest us to go beyond the results, considering that its great aesthetic revolution has already been successfully completed.

And even in the Spinazzola’s tears – after the serious injury with Belgium, which stopped his European played at very high levels -, Italy has reflected, recognized and exalted itself in its history as a footballer. And he will continue to do so, regardless of the results of the last few games. The conclusion of the narrative path of “The Sunday Man” is that in the broad, very broad breath ofTraveling European, in the united and disunited continent, football has turned the page. Voice, rituals, protagonists have recovered. And it has already partly established which suggestions will remain for future memory.

Appointment with “Europalpiti: sentimental album”, The new original Sky Sport production, on air starting from 6 July, first step at ore 19.30 its Sky Sport Football. The program, set as usual in the pavilions of National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, is available from 6 July 2021 on demand e su Sky Go, also in HD, and streaming on NOW.