August 1, 2021

Ezgi and Ozgur in prison


Ezgi ends up in prison, while Ozgur is self-reported not to let Inal be alone. The two spend the night together in prison

There are still a few episodes left for the end of the popular Turkish soap opera Mr. Wrong – lessons of love. The dizi produced by Faruk Turgut’s Gold Film has undergone a programming change. In fact, from the daily band it passed to the early evening.

A change that was decided by the top management of Mediaset also in consideration of the war of ratings. The love story of Melody e Ozgur, respectively interpreted by the beautiful Ozge Gurel and yes Can Yaman, continues to thrill the Italian television audience.

The Turkish spoilers announce that there will be new and unexpected twists in the episodes that will be broadcast in Italy Tuesday 13th July 2021. The appointment with the soap is always from about 21.33 until 24. But what is the sequel to the story?

In the next episodes of Mr. Wrong – Lessons of Love, Inal makes a bitter discovery. The young woman is in fact the victim of a deception and realizes that she has been framed. The arrival of Tolga at Cousin Ozgur’s restaurant he does not announce anything good.

The man, in fact, carries a sheet of paper with him. This is a report to be handed over to the police. Who is accused? It is Ezgi who falls into the evil aims of man. The girl is accused of sharing sensitive company data.

At that point, Inal has little to do. The young woman is therefore forced to follow cops to prison. In despair and panic, Ezgi calls all her friends. The group then sets to work to find a way to get their friend out of jail.

Ozan and Deniz manage to solve the problem that has brought Inal behind bars. At that point Ezgi understands the true nature of Tolga. The man, in fact, returned to Istanbul with the specific intent of making his cousin pay for it.

So as not to leave Ezgi alone in prison, Ozgur declares himself. Thus, the two spend the night together in the jail. In the early hours of dawn, however, something unexpected happens. The two are free, so they get out of jail. To welcome them all their dearest friends.