August 5, 2021

Football EM: Penalty shoot-out brings Italy to the final

The knockout of the round of 16 from Austria (2: 1 after extra time) will meet the winner of the second semi-final England against Denmark on Wednesday (9 p.m., live on ORF1) in the final in London (9 p.m., live on ORF1).

For the four-time world champion Italy it is about the second European title after 1968. The Spaniards missed the third finals in the most recent four European Championship editions, after they had won the title in 2008 and 2012 as a result. In their fifth EM semi-final, the Iberians went as a loser for the first time.

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Italy only replaces Spinazzola

Injured defender Leonardo Spinazzola has been replaced by Emerson for the Italians. The Chelsea player was the only newcomer to the four-time world champion’s starting line-up. Spinazzola had torn his Achilles tendon in the 2-1 victory in the quarter-finals against Belgium. In the other positions, team boss Roberto Mancini trusted the same starting line-up as last.

Spain coach Luis Enrique changed his starting eleven to three positions after beating Switzerland on penalties in the quarter-finals. Dani Olmo started in the attack for the ailing Pablo Sarabia. In addition, center forward Morata was only on the bench for the first time at this European Championship, with Mikel Oyarzabal playing for him. Eric Garcia replaced Pau Torres in central defense.

Offside, pole shot does not apply

For the first time there was excitement with the 57,800 spectators in the fourth minute. Nicolo Barella started from a suspicious position and hit the right bar of the Spanish goal. Only after the action did the assistant referee raise the flag – in accordance with UEFA requirements – the aluminum hit is not included in the statistics.

However, the Spaniard started ambitiously and mostly pushed the slightly favored Italians on the defensive. Oyarzabal was barely prevented from finishing after a pass by Pedri (13th), a Ferran-Torres low shot from the edge of the penalty area went past the left (15th).

Opportunities on both sides

The first real Italian chance didn’t turn out to be countable either: After a nice advance, Emerson fit into the penalty area to Ciro Immobile, but both Ciro Immobile and Barella were prevented by the defense from shooting on empty goal (21). Goalie Unai Simon went on an excursion.

The Spaniards had the greatest opportunity in the match up until then. Olmo came to the ball after a rebound, but his shot was defused by Gianluigi Donnarumma with a brilliant save (25th).

Donnarumma clears against Olmo (25th minute)

Gianluigi Donnarumma stands out with a first save and defuses a shot from Dani Olmo.

After that, both teams took a creative break, and it wasn’t until the last minute of the first half that the lead was in the air. After a pass from Lorenzo Insigne, Emerson hammered the ball, which was still slightly touched by Simon, against the crossbar (45th).

Emerson an die Latte (45. Minute)

Shortly before the break, Emerson has a good opportunity for the Italians with a crossbar shot.

Spaniards more dangerous after changing sides

Both coaches did not change players during the break. A completely unsuccessful drive from Simon had no consequences for the Iberians, on the other side Donnarumma caught the ball in a dangerously kicked corner, and Giovanni Di Lorenzo saved an Olmo cross from Torres who was ready to shoot (50th).

The Spaniards initially remained more dangerous, the captain Sergio Busquets, who had been cautioned shortly before for a foul with the first yellow card of the game, came in good position after an Oyarzabal pass, but it went over the goal (52.). But it would have been Donnarumma’s turn.

Chiesa makes Italians cheer

The Italians were allowed to celebrate the first goal. After an outstanding pass from Insigne to Immobile, the ball came to Chiesa, who gave Simon no chance to defend himself with a perfect flick on the far right corner and made it 1-0 (60th).

Chiesa shoots Italy in the lead (60th minute)

A quickly presented offensive action by the Italians does not bring any success at first, in the follow-up Chiesa conquers the ball and scores well to make it 1-0.

After the opening goal, both team bosses switched for the first time, Mancini brought Domenico Berardi for Immobile, Enrique Morata for Torres. The Spaniards pushed for the equalizer, Oyarzabal missed a dangerous cross by a thin sheet (65th), an Olmo long-range shot just missed (67th). In the counterattack, Simon saved the Iberians with a – albeit too unplaced – Berardi shot before the 0-2 (68th).

Morata successful as “Joker”

After the Spaniards failed to complete a few promising advances, the equalizer fell in the 80th minute: “Joker” Morata picked up a wonderful hole pass from Olmo through the Italian defense and defeated Donnarumma with an exact shot into the left corner.

Morata equalizes (80th minute)

A good ten minutes before the end of regular time, Alvaro Morata and Dani Olmo make the Italian back line look old with a one-two. Morata enforced to 1: 1.

The rest of the regular playing time and the three-minute stoppage time brought no decision, so the game went into overtime.

Extra time remains goalless

In this there were initially two tough duels. Andrea Belotti, who had recently been substituted on, landed extremely roughly on his back and was briefly hit, while Rafael Toloi, who also came into play, was yellowed after a brutal foul.

In overtime, too, the Spaniards largely determined the events. Donnarumma was only able to ricochet an Olmo free kick, and Morata was successfully prevented from stabbing (98th).

After the break, there was a brief goal alarm for Italy: Berardi’s goal was denied due to a clear offside position (110th). There were no other good chances or goals, so the penalty shoot-out had to decide.

Morata unlucky fellow in penalty shootout

In this the first two shooters failed: Simon was able to parry Manuel Locatelli’s attempt, Olmo shot over the gate. The next five 911s were all recycled, and with a score of 2: 3 from the perspective of the Spaniards, Morata then advanced from hero to unlucky fellow. Donnarumma parried his under-kicked shot. The decision was made by Jorginho, who lured Simon into the wrong corner and confidently pushed in. Italy remained unbeaten for the 33rd time in a row.

Voices for the game:

Roberto Mancini (Team Principal Italy): “We wanted to get into the final, even if not many people thought it would be possible before the start of the tournament. I would also like to congratulate Spain, they have a great team. Penalty shootouts are always a lottery. There are some games that you have to suffer in, but we deserved to be in the final. This group is amazing. Everyone wants to win, but this group of players wants to achieve something special and they did it. “

Luis Enrique (Team Principal Spain): “My players were wonderful, I can’t blame them and I have to praise them for their performance. Morata had an adductor problem but was determined to take the penalty, that says a lot about his personality. He was extremely important to us in this tournament. In professional sport you have to learn how to win and how to deal with defeat. So I would like to congratulate Italy. We can travel home with the certainty that we have clearly belonged to the best teams at the EM. “

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Goalkeeper Italy): “I was calm before the penalty shoot-out because I knew I could help the team. I would like to thank everyone, now we are only one step away from realizing our great dream. Spain are a very strong team and we had big problems with their possession. But we showed a lot of courage, proved that we never give up and that we deserve to be in the final. “

European Football Championship, semi-finals


Italy – Spain 1: 1 nV 4: 2 iE (1: 1, 0: 0)

London, Wembley Stadium, 57,800 spectators, SR Brych (GER)

Goal sequence:
1: 0 Church (60.)
1: 1 Morata (80th)

Penalties shoot:
0-0 – Locatelli fails to Simon
0-0 – Olmo shoots over the goal
1-0 – Belotti scores
1: 1 – Moreno scores
2: 1 – Bonucci scores
2: 2 – Thiago scores
3: 2 – Bernadeschi scores
3: 2 – Morata fails in Donnarumma
4: 2 – Jorginho scores

Italy: Donnarumma – Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson (74./Toloi) – Barella (85./Locatelli), Jorginho, Verratti (74./Pessina) – Chiesa (107./Bernardeschi), Immobile (61./Berardi) , Insigne (85./Belotti)

Spain: Simon – Azpilicueta (85./M. Llorente), Garcia (109./P. Torres), Laporte, Alba – Koke (70./Rodri), Busquets (106./Thiago), Pedri – Ferran Torres (62./ Morata), Oyarzabal (70./Moreno), Olmo

Yellow cards: Toloi, Bonucci or Busquets

Die Besten: Church, Barella, Bonucci bzw. Busquets, Olmo, Laporte