July 26, 2021

In Livigno, the downhill mecca is working for the winter Olympics

The Mottolino bikepark is a reference point for all downhill enthusiasts

In a sentence with the nouns “adrenaline” and “mountain”, in all likelihood the complement of place is Livigno. In winter with the tricks and evolutions of the snow freestyler acrobats, in summer with the drifting of those who love the thrill of “taming” a downhill mountain bike on the tracks of the Mottolino Bikepark, built in 2005 to host the MTB World Championship and became one of the very first points of reference for fans of the discipline. But also for those who, at the very beginning, want to try the effect it has and evaluate whether it is better to continue (and maybe take lessons) or jump on an e-mtb and dedicate themselves to quieter rides along the paths of the valley. .

investments for milan-cortina 2026

On the long wave of the title of “European Municipality of Sport 2019”, in recent years in those parts they have insisted so much on the concept of active holidays, so much so that in the winter of 2026 Livigno will be home to the snowboard and freeride competitions of the Winter Olympics of Milan-Cortina. Until then, however, the road is long. And then, within a few months – the goal is December 2021 – the CEO of Mottolino Marco Rocca aims to give a completely new face to the ski lift and transform it into a futuristic and multifunctional structure, which embraces the needs of young people who want to alternate descents on skis or mtb with a driving simulator test, but also for those who, between one activity and another, must necessarily participate in a business meeting via videoconference or send some emails. Smart working, sports, but also offices (the structure will become the company’s headquarters), restaurants, etc., in search of the alchemy that transforms the structure into a reference point for tourists and residents in what is the first major investment of a private individual in view of the Olympics.

the realm of downhill

At the moment, surrounded by a large construction site, the structure is the starting point for all bikers who want to go up to altitude by cable car with their mountain bike (owned or rented in the adjacent Dr Rent) and then descend along one of the 14 routes for each level (blue, red and black from the easiest to the most difficult), in turn divided into flow (fast and smooth) and tech (technical and full of natural obstacles). Along the descent, there is also a jump area dedicated to jumps in sequence on clay, a North shore area in the woods with suspension bridges and wooden walkways, a Slopestyle line entirely dedicated to pro riders, four Drops to test their skills and a maxi inflatable to learn new techniques and aerial evolutions.

pedal assisted bike

The theme of the bicycle, on the other hand, in summer is very expensive in those parts, so much so that there are many possibilities to venture out on two wheels: also counting the flowing flow trails, paths that also develop within the Stelvio National Park, there are over 3,200 km of routes available. And, thanks to the ski lifts, there are easy access points to many trails for enduro bikes or e-bikes, suitable for all levels. The growing consensus received by pedal assisted bicycles, in fact, has led to the installation of a dense network of public charging stations at the bottom of the valley, on the main mountain passes and at high altitude points. All reported on the “My Livigno” App which, among other things, thanks to a series of qr code at the beginning of some paths, also allows you to keep track of how crowded they are and therefore allow a more careful evaluation of the opportunity or not to follow them.


Finally, always in the active spirit, Larix Park is inserted, a millenary forest of larch trees transformed into a forest equipped for adventure, in which to explore the dimension of verticality even climbing among the foliage of the trees. You can choose from nine itineraries of varying difficulty, suitable for adults and children of different ages, which are updated every year with new technical passages. And then the play areas on the ground, accessible even to children, where they can have fun with the Yepi mascot and whiz on the pulley.