July 26, 2021

Interview Collovati: “Inter, young people will not be able to make an impact”

“Long championship and Champions to be done with ambition, Simone will have to keep the group on track, but Salcedo and Agoumé will only play in the Italian Cup”

Francesco Sessa

The new season of Inter will start with the meeting on 8 July. Inzaghi is ready to land in the Nerazzurri world and he will initially do so without any big names: the national team’s “fault”, between Europeans and Copa America. An opportunity to test other possible pawns: from Salcedo to Agoumé, who can have their say in the next season? Fulvio Collovati, world champion in 1982 and former Inter player, answers.

Collovati, do you think Inzaghi will be able to draw on these young resources?

“They are pawns that can enrich the squad, but we must speak clearly: to play a season at the highest levels you have to rely as much as possible on the second lines, not on the third. Guys like Agoume, Salcedo, Pirola and Venheusden may have a chance in the Italian Cup , but I don’t think they can affect Inter’s season. Let’s look at Pinamonti last year: how many games did he play? “.

Does this also apply to Dimarco?

“No, it’s different: we’re talking about a starter who did very well at Verona and can play for the starting position at Inter as well. For how Inzaghi plays, the push on the outside is important: if he is the player from Verona he could be a important player “.

And the veterans? Do you think they can be useful to the cause? Let’s think of Kolarov, Vecino, Ranocchia, Sanchez …

“The value of the Inter owners is not debated. The problem is precisely understanding what the others can give. One of Conte’s skills was to make the various Ranocchia, Young, Gagliardini go well: he kept everyone on their toes, the team did not it suffered repercussions from this point of view. In my opinion the most difficult job that Inzaghi will have to do will be to make the second lines feel motivated: the championship is long and there is a Champions to play with ambition. Then we have to see who remains … “.

What do you think of the situation in attack?

“I hope there are no surprises on Lautaro Martinez, but we need a third level striker. Lautaro will return from Copa America, it is an aspect to consider. We need to find a profile that gives continuity of goals and performances.”

“It would be fine. And the Europeans are not playing: they would arrive fresh all in all. But it depends on the financial resources…”.

How do you replace Hakimi?

“He was like Spinazzola in these first European games: the reference point on the wing. He is a difficult player to replace. Finding a replacement of his level is difficult, but at least you have to try to get someone who pushes as much as he does.”

“He or Lazzari could be good solutions. Even if Hakimi is on another level”.

Was Calhanoglu at zero a good shot?

“The Calhanoglu of five months ago is an excellent acquisition. The one of other times was at times unrecognizable. But anyway I think that, as usual, Marotta has seen a lot of us: we are talking about a good player, who can be the right pawn. also for the restarts with Inzaghi. I’m not saying he can be like Luis Alberto, but still a good element behind the two strikers. “

Can he be the owner of a team that aims for the Scudetto?

“He was taken for this … I don’t think he can make a reserve.”

“I would say yes. The best coach has been chosen among the emerging ones, tactically he has not changed much. Some players will change, but the important thing is to continue on this path and keep the indispensable players, the backbone: I am referring to De Vrij , Brozovic, Barella, Lukaku “.