July 28, 2021

Juve, Morata and Allegri send a message to the fan Daniel. Video

Allegri, Morata and Chiellini have accepted the desperate appeal of a mother who asked the Juventus champions for a message to try to awaken her 16-year-old son, in a coma after a car accident

The cry of pain of a mother immediately picked up by Juventus. “I am the desperate mother of the 16-year-old boy who was hit on Wednesday 30 June in Spezzano della Sila (province of Cosenza, ed). I turn to you for a request for help! My son is in very serious condition due to a severe head injury in the reanimation ward of the Cosenza hospital, the doctors do not pronounce themselves too much “, reads the post on social media published by Mrs. Rosa Martino. The mother of Daniel, a boy from 16 years who on Wednesday 30 June was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and now he is hospitalized in intensive care at the Cosenza hospital.

The mother’s appeal to the Bianconeri: “Help my son”

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A real drama, with the lady trying to awaken her son asked the Juventus champions for help, team for which the boy is cheering. “We parents are trying them all, we talk to him and hope for a miracle, we can’t do anything else. Many people have told us that comatose patients listen to us, hear voices, so I thought that a message from a Juventus player that can incite him to fight maybe and I say maybe it could be one more stimulus. Daniel loves Ronaldo madly but I realize that he is almost unattainable! I don’t know, maybe someone could help us !!! We need a miracle. A positive message for Daniel ”, Mrs. Rosa’s message.

Allegri: “We are waiting for you in Turin”. Chiellini: “Hold on”

An appeal that Juventus promptly received. In fact, video messages for the young boy arrived promptly from the Juventus club: “Don’t give up Daniel, hold on. We are with you”, the words of Giorgio Chiellini, one of the most appreciated champions by the boy. “You will certainly win this match, the most important. We are waiting for you in Turin, at the stadium. I hug you tightly “, the message arrived from Allegri. Appeal also picked up by Morata:” Don’t give up Daniel. I send you a hug and all the strength I can from Spain. A hug and a kiss also to your mother Rosa, come on, we are all with you. “Message for Daniele also arrived from Pinsoglio and Bernardeschi.