July 24, 2021

Modern pentathletes won fifth places in the relay at the European Championships

Filip Komorous / ČSMP

“Certainly (the result of men) has a higher value than yesterday’s fifth place of girls, of which there were fewer. But because these boys have the prerequisites for higher positions, there is certainly no satisfaction today,” said assistant national coach Libor Capalini in a press release.

Belarusian Volha Silkinová and Anastasija Prokopenková and Italians Giuseppe Mattia Parisi and Roberto Micheli became European champions.

In both races, the Czech national team lost the most points in fencing. However, Grycz and Bilek mastered swimming, they were second in parkour and before the final combination of running and shooting they were in the medal position. But they did not succeed on the shooting range and failed.

Pentathlon Maleček and Bauer were fifth in the relay at the MSJ

“Martin has been fighting shooting lately. He managed the first one well, then the deterioration came,” said Capalini. Grycz took the baton fifth. “Marek then had opponents who are normally stronger in this discipline than him. He tried it in the first, second shot, but he did not stay in contact with them. The bronze was so far away that due to the individual competition it did not make sense to run at full speed,” he said. Capalini.

After the fencing, the women’s duo completely dropped out of the fight for medals. “Unfortunately, the race for girls de facto ended. They didn’t catch the beginning and then they didn’t catch it in the course,” said Capalini. Before the run, the Czechs were fifth. “It was more about touching the shooting range and the track. And confirming the good feeling that they are well prepared for an individual race,” said Capalini.

Due to the low number of competitors caused by the pre-Olympic training, the term collision with the junior top races and coronavirus measures, the qualifications of individual races will not take place. In the finals on Saturday and Sunday, the Czech Republic will be represented by Rajnoch, Roubíčková, Grycz, Ondřej Polívka, David Kindl and Ondřej Svěchota.