July 26, 2021

NBA, Chris Paul responds to LeBron’s criticism of the calendar: ‘Everyone was able to speak’

As president of the players association, Chris Paul spoke of the criticisms that have come over the compressed calendar and the many injuries, starting with his friend LeBron James. And without naming him directly, Paul responded in kind: “There is always an open conversation between the league and the players, and everyone has had the same opportunity to be part of it.” The NBA Finals are live on Sky Sports NBA (channel 209), the home of US basketball for the next two years

In less than two weeks the most difficult season in NBA history will end, if only for the need to to finish a year in the midst of a pandemic trying to squeeze 72 games over five months and full playoffs. A tour de force that produced spectacular moments but which had the side effect of a very high number of injuries, especially among first level players which have accentuated the media impact. And also the direct protagonists, starting with LeBron James, they have not failed to openly criticize the very little time left between the end of last season in October and the beginning of this season in December, so much so that the King on Twitter had written “I said so, but no one listened to me” Maybe just to answer his historical friend , Chris Paul as president of the players association commented – and somehow answered in rhymes – just to the King: “If there is one thing about this league it is that there is always an open conversation“he said speaking to the media before the finals.” There are so many people who are working tirelessly behind the scenes right now, I wish you could see them. When there are decisions to play or not to play, the players are always involved “.


The calendar of the NBA finals: it starts on Tuesday

Chris Paul he then spoke specifically of the many physical problems seen so far: “Injuries are always unfortunate, it is horrible that there are. But as happened with the bubble, everything was discussed among the players. And what’s good for one may not be the same for another. But there has always been a conversation about everything and so it will continue to be. If people don’t like it, know that everyone has an equal opportunity to be a part of that conversation“In short, a message for James and also for others who think that the calendar has been too compressed: come and talk about it with us.