August 2, 2021

Ogrodníková finished second in Hungary after a neck injury

Javelin thrower Nikola Ogrodníková finished second at the Continental Tour – Gold athletics meeting in Székesfehérvár. In the first start after a neck injury, due to which she missed the championship of the Czech Republic and the Diamond League in Oslo, she showed her second best performance of the season 62.56 meters and was the record holder of the meeting in the last series. In the final round, the Czech vice-champion of Europe was thrown by 17 centimeters by the Lithuanian opponent and bronze medalist from the Berlin European Championships Liveta Jasiunaité in her maximum this year.

Ogrodníková threw once again in the competition once every 62 meters (62.20). Farther than in Hungary, the Czech Olympian sent a spear this season only to the May Golden Stilts and with a performance of 65.13 she ranks fifth in this year’s world tables. She last started on June 19 in the first league of the European Team Championships in Cluj, where she suffered a distortion of the cervical spine during the victory.

In the nine-member starting field in Székesfehérvár, the Canadian Elizabeth Gleadle (61.90) broke the 60-meter border.

The second Czech national team member Tomáš Staněk finished eighth at the start. With a performance of 20.55, the European Indoor Champion fell behind by 45 cm behind this year’s maximum under the open sky and did not beat any of the opponents. The New Zealand favorite Tomas Walsh won with a long throw of 22.22.

Koulař Tomáš Staněk during an experiment at the Josef Odložil Memorial.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

In the triple jumping competition, two-time world vice-champion Pedro Pichardo approached the 18-meter limit by eight centimeters and consolidated his position as the leader of the tables. Indoor world record holder Hugues Fabrice Zango from Burkina Faso showed only ten centimeters less. The best performance of the year was offset by the Belarusian climber Maksim Nedosekov. The European Indoor Champion overcame 237 cm on the second attempt and caught up with the Russian rival Mikhail Ivanuk, who jumped three centimeters less in Hungary and finished second.

One of the highlights of the István Gyulai Memorial was the 100-meter sprints, the winners of which ranked second in this year’s tables. Akani Simbine won the South African record of 9.84 and came close to seven hundredths of an American Trayvon Bromell. Reigning Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah of Jamaica was 10.71 eight hundredths apart from the maximum of her compatriot and two-time gold medalist from the Olympics Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price, who was second in Hungary in 10.82.

István Gyulai Memorial, Continental Tour – Gold Athletics Meeting in Székesfehérvár:
100 m (wind +1.2 m / s):
1. Simbine (JAR) 9,84
200 m (+1,2 m/s):
1. De Grasse (Kan.) 19.97
400 m:
1. Gardiner (Bah.) 44.47
800 m:
1. Giles (Brit.) 1:44,89
3000 m:
1. Edris (Et.) 7: 30.96
110 m př. (-0,1 m/s):
1. Holloway (USA) 13,08
400 m BC:
1. Copello (Tur.) 48.35
1. Nedosekov (BEL) 237
triple jump:
1. Pichardo (Portuguese) 17.92
2. Zango (Burk. Faso) 17,82
1. Walsh (NZL) 22.22,
…8. Stand (CZE) 20.55
1. Kochan (Ukr.) 80.78
1. Stahl (SWE) 67.71.
100 m (+0,6 m/s):
1. Thompsonová-Herahová 10,71
200 m (-0,3 m/s):
1. Jackson 21.96
400 m:
1. McPherson (all Jam.) 49.99
100 m př. (+0,2 m/s):
1. Camach-Quinn (PRI) 12.34
400 m BC:
1. Bolová (NZL) 52.81
1. Bechová-Romančuková (UKR) 679
1. Wlodarczyková (Pol.) 74,76
1. Jasiunaitéová (Lit.) 62.73
2. Ogrodníková (CZE) 62.56.