July 29, 2021

SOK has shot themselves in the foot – take out Lovisa Lindh

Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Lovisa Lindh is not allowed to go to the Olympics in Tokyo and I think it is a murder of justice.

In normal cases, I would have been completely on SOK’s side.

But this time they have shot themselves in the foot.

I like the hard line that the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) pursues.

The Olympics should be something extra, it should be something more than a World Cup or European Championships where the individual federations can decide for themselves and send as many as they like.

This has meant that there have been a lot of social trips over the years, where the active people have spent more time sightseeing than competing.

And it may be important to point out that they are not SOK who made the decision that an athlete should be able to have a chance to compete for a top eight position in an Olympics.

These are annual meeting decisions from the affiliated sports federations.

It is no secret that athletics has a dissenting opinion in the top eight issue.

They scream just as loud every time someone gets the nob for that reason, but in that case they are voted down.

Have clung to it

There is another way to the Olympics and that is that you are young and promising enough to get an Olympic ticket via the so-called future criterion. That you get to go along to see and learn for future games.

But that does not apply to a 30-year-old Lovisa Lindh.

But of course she would have to go considering how SOK picked out the athletes this time.

It is they themselves who have failed at it and therefore they deserve this storm, which feels completely unnecessary to pull on the threshold of the Olympics.

I have never seen them be so inconsistent in their selections.

They have not had a clear red line this time and that makes me fully understand Lovisa Lindh’s disappointment.

I was convinced that she would get her Olympic ticket, as she showed a rising form and fought back from a serious injury for several years.

Good enough to end up in the top eight?

No, far from it.

But exactly the same can be said about a 29-year-old Emil Blomberg who has already been selected in the 3000 meter hurdles – who is also Lovisa Lindh’s boyfriend.

He is a direct parallel case, both in terms of age and performance. Emil is 34 on the list of those who qualified for 3000 obstacles.

Lovisa is 37th among the ladies in the 800 meters.

What Emil Blomberg can point out is that he passed the qualifying limit, but Lovisa has been stumbling close. At the same time, the qualifying limits are set very unevenly. Only 24 girls have passed the qualifying limit for the 48 places in the 800 meters. For 3,000 obstacles, the figure is 40 out of 45.

In addition, Lovisa has an Olympics in her legs, when she reached the semifinals in Rio last time and was a total of ten in the results list. It’s as close to the top eight as you can get.

She has shown that she can be the best when it comes to.

Logic that does not go together

SOK has also selected three male obstacle runners for the Olympics and it is almost unique to have full Swedish representation in the same branch.

That was probably where SOK disappeared. They could pick out Simon Sundström, 23, and a 24-year-old Vidar Johansson and refer to the fact that they would be more generous with the future criterion this pandemic Olympics.

Emil Blomberg, Simon Sundström and Vidar Johansson


But when Emil Blomberg was between these two in terms of time, they felt they had to take him too.

Strangely enough.

So while Emil gets to go, Lovisa Lindh stays at home.

It is a logic that does not go together and it is probably among the worst things you can do in a competition.

Not being fair.

It makes people cursed.

And rightly so.

Otherwise, I think SOK has been very generous this time.

Athletics will go to Tokyo with the largest squad in 37 years

Not since the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984 have so many been allowed to start and that time the boycott of the Soviet Union and other eastern states contributed to the squad becoming extra large, as competition decreased.

At that time, six out of 23 individual starters reached a top eight position.

I have a hard time seeing that there will be more than that in Tokyo.

Therefore, it feels a pity that there will be a new debate, as it would have been both easy and motivated to give Lovisa Lindh a seat.

If I were SOK, I would throw away the prestige and give her an Olympic ticket.

Redo. Do the right thing.

If I’m not wrong, there is still time.

Even if it is scarce.