July 26, 2021

Suspended star completely away from the Olympics

Sha’Carri Richardson during the US Olympics in late June, when she tested positive for cannabis.

Photo: Ashley Landis/AP/TT

American star printer Sha’Carri Richardson is not allowed to run the relay in Tokyo.

The Olympic door is thus closed completely for the world number two, since she tested positive for cannabis.

After being disqualified from participating in the 100 meters at the Olympics, there was still an opportunity for the potential gold favorite to be selected for the relay team. Now that hope has been extinguished. The American Athletics Federation chooses not to take her to the 4×100 meters.

“Although we have a sincere understanding of Sha’Carri, we must at the same time maintain that all athletes who have tried to realize their dreams by securing an Olympic place in the American Athletics Team are treated equally,” the association wrote.

The 21-year-old won the American Olympic competitions in the 100 meters, but on Friday the news came that she tested positive for cannabis in connection with the competitions. The drug does not provide performance-enhancing benefits, but it is doping-classified. Richardson was deprived of the victory in the Olympic competitions and the US anti-doping organization Usada suspended her for a month.

Grieved his mother

However, as the suspension has time to end before the 4×100 meter relay trials on August 6, she still had a theoretical chance of being selected for the Olympic relay team.

“First and foremost, we have a great understanding of Sha’Carri Richardsons mitigating circumstances and really appreciates her way of taking responsibility – and we will offer her our continued support both on and off the track, “writes the American Athletics Federation.

Richardson has said that she smoked cannabis to deal with the grief of her mother, who passed away just a few days before the Olympic competitions.

Want to review rules

The American Athletics Federation writes that it is critical of the current cannabis rules and calls for a review of the International Anti-Doping Organization Wada – but points out that the rules must be respected.

“All American athletes know about and must follow the prevailing anti-doping rules,” the federation wrote.

Sha’Carri Richardson apologized on NBC’s “Today Show” in connection with the suspension being announced.

– I want to take responsibility for my actions. I do not want to explain them away, she said.

– Right now I am putting all my energy into what I have to deal with to heal.