August 2, 2021

The calendar for Formula 1 2021 is threatened by more changes

The calendar for Formula 1 2021 changes again.
The Australian GP has been eliminated.
The F1 blog reviews how many GP races can disappear in 2021.

No home race 2021 (TT)

Ahead of the season, an F1 calendar with 23 races was presented, which was the longest ever.
Nine sub-competitions have now been completed, but several of those that were included in the regular schedule have already been deleted. The Chinese GP, the competitions in Vietnam and Singapore and the Canada GP, which in June should have been replaced by the Turkish GP. That competition also had to be canceled due to the pandemic and its restrictions. Instead, there were two races in Austria.
Two competitions at Red Bull’s home track that gave Max Verstappen a good starting position on the way to his first World Cup title.

“Crushing my heart”

Now Australia also announces that the competition that should have been run this spring, but postponed until this autumn, will be canceled. The same applies to the sub-competition in motoGP.
– I usually laugh, but it is difficult, writes Daniel Ricciardo on social media.
– I am really disappointed that we are not allowed to come home, I know that everyone else also likes to compete in Melbourne. It’s been two years since we competed there. It hurts and we have to look ahead and hope that it is possible to complete the competition in 2022. The most important thing is that we do not lose hope, that we continue to be healthy. This breaks my heart, but hopefully we will see each other again soon.

The calendar for Formula 1 2021
Stefano Domenicali, CEO of F1, former team manager at Ferrari (TT)

Formula 1 still believes in 23 races this year and is working to find a solution.
– Although it is disappointing that we can not drive in Australia, we believe that we will get an F1 calendar with 21 races in 2021., says F1’s CEO Stefano Domenicali in a comment.
– We have several options that we are considering and will work with them in the coming weeks and provide further updates when that discussion is over.

Possible changes in the calendar for Formula 1 2021

The next five competitions will be decided in Europe, followed by competitions in Russia and Turkey. Then there are question marks around the autumn calendar.

In addition to Australia, there are a couple of other competitions that need to be re-bid. This includes the competition in Japan on October 10. Although the Olympics will compete in Tokyo later this summer, motoGP has already canceled its sub-competition in Japan, which should have taken place a week before the F1 race is planned.

The future of the Japan GP will surely depend on how the country can handle the Olympic Games and one thing that speaks for an F1 race in Japan is that 2021 is Honda’s last year as an engine supplier before the engine manufacturer leaves the sport.

There is also a big question mark for the Brazilian GP, ​​where the corona situation is still troublesome. The competition in Sao Paolo was canceled in 2020 and there is a risk that the competition on November 7, 2021 will not end either. The competition in Mexico is also surrounded by question marks, the spread of infection that decreased during the spring has increased again after being at low levels in May and June.

Courses that can replace 2021

The calendar for Formula 1 2021
Another race in Bahrain? (AP)

In order to maintain a calendar of 23 races, it is very possible that Bahrain may arrange another race. Two races were arranged there on different track loops in the autumn of 2020. This year’s premiere was decided there. From a travel perspective, it would be easy to enter the competition in Bahrain in connection with the last two competitions of the year being decided in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.
If the competition in Japan disappears, there is the possibility of entering two sub-competitions in the USA. F1 competes in Austin at the end of October and there is some interest in F1 returning to Indianapolis, a track owned by Roger Penske who has a big heart for racing. Another option is to extend the season in Europe after the competition in Turkey 1-3 October. Last year, F1 competed at the Nürburgring in Germany and at Mugello in Italy during the autumn.

You can find the entire current calendar for F1 2021 here.

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We will have reason to return around the F1 calendar 2021. Thank you for reading. We’ll hear from you again tomorrow.