July 24, 2021

Altach stumbles across the regional league – sport.ORF.at

Austria showed no nakedness in Manfred Schmid’s debut as head coach. The Viennese prevailed 4-0 against regional league Spittal an der Drau on Saturday afternoon. Sturm Graz celebrated a 9-0 shooting festival at ATSV Stadl-Paura from the Regionalliga Mitte, WSG Tirol won 3-0 in Leobendorf, Bundesliga promoted Austria Klagenfurt against Wiener neustadt 5-1. In the evening, LASK played FC Marchfeld 6-0 dizzy.

Altach was the first Bundesliga club to be caught in the cup. The SC Kalsdorf from the Regionalliga Mitte surprised Damir Canadi’s team early on in the match (8th): After a bad pass by the Vorarlberg defense, Rene Mihelic took a heart from a good 40 meters and pulled volley. The ball dropped into the net behind goalie Tino Casali, who was standing a little further in front of his goal – goal of the month.

GEPA / Hans Oberlaender

Kalsdorf made it into the second cup round

Follow-up hit comes too late

The third division also fought back bravely and increased to 2-0 in the second half of the game. With a long ball, the Bundesliga side’s defense did not look good again, Jason Appiah took advantage of a good pass and the poor assignment of Altacher and netted in the bottom left (58th).

Vorarlberg’s efforts to get back into the game were rewarded in the 77th minute when Atdhe Nuhiu headed an unsustainable cross into a goal. At the end of the day, Altach didn’t get any more than that, the underdog from Kalsdorf advanced to the next round.

Austria takes the first hurdle

In Spittal, the Austrian Marco Djuricin executed after a fluid combination between Dominik Fitz and Eric Martel from about 18 meters (16th). Martel headed to Suttner-Corner (43.). After the break, Manfred Fischer in particular was willing: The newcomer from Altach first met metal (59th), then prepared the 3-0 for Aleksandar Jukic (88th) and scored the final score himself (90th). In between, the game rippled on for a long time, the third division club hardly ever shot at the Vienna goal.

ÖFB-Cup: mandatory victory without shine

The domestic Bundesliga teams deliver mandatory victories without shine in the first round of the ÖFB Cup. Vienna Austria, for example, prevailed 4-0 at regional league Spittal an der Drau.

Austria achieved an average performance on the Carinthian artificial turf. It was the last test before the appearance in the qualification for the Conference League, in which the violets received the Icelandic representative Breidablik on Thursday.

“Appearance okay”

“Basically, the performance is okay and it’s getting better by the minute,” said Manuel Ortlechner at halftime on ORF. The new sports director expects intense days. “We have to make sure that we still close one or the other transfer.” When asked about a possible new addition to central defense, said Ortlechner. “You’ll see that next week, we’re already doing our homework.”

Sturm celebrates victory

Spittal’s league competitor ATSV Stadl-Paura fell 9-0 against Sturm Graz in the afternoon and a few days before the start of the Bundesliga at home against Salzburg they had the highest win in club history (9-0 in the Cup against ESK Graz / 1982). Sturm already led 7-0 at the break. Manprit Sarkaria appeared in Upper Austria as a triple scorer (37th, 44th, 50th).

The other goals in a game that ran like a slope from the start were scored by Otar Kiteishvili (18th), Andreas Kuen (35th, 45th), Kelvin Yeboah (38th), Jakob Jantscher (41th) and Christoph Lang (86th). Playmaker Kiteishvili, who had just extended his contract to 2024 the day before, was replaced early with slight visual impairment. He got a ball on his head.

WSG Tirol safe

WSG Tirol also showed no nakedness in the first round of the cup. The Wattener Sportgemeinschaft celebrated a 3-0 (1-0) victory at SV Leobendorf from the Regionalliga Ost. Markus Wallner brought the Tyroleans on the road to victory in the sixth minute with his goal to make it 1-0.

In the second half, new signing Giacomo Vrioni scored his first competitive goal (79th), before Wallner tied a brace in eight-minute stoppage time (93th). The reason for the long stoppage time was an injury to referee Julian Weinberger, who had to leave the field in the 84th minute. An assistant replaced Weinberger, while a referee from the audience took over on the line.

Austria Klagenfurt turns backlog

Austria Klagenfurt also mastered the first cup hurdle. The Carinthians won 5-1 at third division Wiener Neustadt. After an early deficit by Marco Dominkus (3rd), Patrick Greil put the Bundesliga climber in the lead with a brace (13th, 27th). Markus Pink (67th), Christopher Cvetko (80th) and Darijo Pecirep with a hand penalty (91st) finally scored a clear victory for Klagenfurt.

LASK shines at the end

In the end, LASK had little trouble with FC Marchfeld from the Regionalliga Ost on Saturday evening. The Linz team dominated the match against Thomas Flögel’s team in Pasching from the start and won 6-0. A double from Rene Renner (6th, 44th) and hits from Peter Michorl (15th), Thomas Goiginger (49th), Husein Balic (54th) and Florian Flecker (85th) ensured clear conditions. The Linzers fulfilled the wish of their coach Dominik Thalhammer, who had asked for a clear statement from his team before the game.

Michorl circles the ball to make it 2-0 into the Kreuzeck (15th minute)

LASK coach Dominik Thalhammer was still not entirely satisfied with the team’s performance, the pace in the first half was not fast enough. “We should have scored a lot more goals. The shine wasn’t there that I imagined, it was okay. But we still have to improve, ”said the 50-year-old in an interview with ORF.

Uniqa-ÖFB-Cup, first round


Spittal / Drau – Austria Vienna 0: 4 (0: 2)

Spittal / Drau, Tore: Djuricin (16.), Martel (43.), Jukic (88.), Fischer (90.)

Stadl-Paura – Sturm Graz 0: 9 (0: 7)

Stadl-Paura, Tore: Kiteishvili (18th), Kuen (35th, 45th), Sarkaria (37th, 44th, 50th), Yeboah (38th), Jantscher (41st), Lang (86th)

Deutschkreutz – Amstetten 0:3 (0:1)

Deutschkreutz, Tore: Frederiksen (41., 70.), Peham (76.)

FC Wels – Austria Lustenau 1:3 (0:0)

Wels, Tore: Gamsjäger (72.) bzw. Stefanon (65th, 77th), Tabakovic (66th)

Black White Bregenz – Vöcklamarkt 5: 1 (2: 1)

Bregenz, Bregenz, gates: Dervisevic (26th), Gomes (29th, 73rd), Blaser (60th, 78th) and Vojvoda (21st)

Leobendorf – WSG Tirol 0:3 (0:1)

Leobendorf, Tore: Wallner (6th, 93rd), Vrioni (79th)

Elektra Vienna – Gleisdorf 3: 1 (2: 1)

Wien, Tore: Sallam (6th), Delic (45th), Endlicher (87th) resp. Schloffer (31.)

Gurten – FC Lustenau 4: 0 (2: 0)

Gurten, Tore: Kienberger (7th), Kreuzer (23rd), Wimmleitner (54th), Przybylko (87th)

Kalsdorf – Altach 2:1 (1:0)

Kalsdorf, Tore: Mihelic (8.), Appiah (58.) bzw. Nuhiu (77.)

Wr. Neustadt – Austria Klagenfurt 1: 5 (1: 2)

Wiener Neustadt, goals: Dominkus (3rd) and Greil (13th, 27th), Pink (67th), Cvetko (80th), Pecirep (91st, penalty)

St. Anna am Aigen – GAK 1:2 (1:2)

St. Anna am Aigen, Tore: Schleich (31st) or Gantschnig (14th), Rusek (30th)

LASK – Marchfeld 6:0 (3:0)

Pasching, Tore: Renner (6th, 44th), Michorl (15th), Goiginger (49th), Balic (54th), Flecker (85th)


St. Johann/Pongau – Dornbirn

St. Johann / Pongau, new date July 27th (7:00 p.m.)

Siegendorf – St. Jakob Rosental

Siegendorf, date open