July 25, 2021

Tokyo 2020: Argentine Basketball Referents Await The Debut Of Pure Uruguayan Mate

Will a trade come out?

Tokyo 2020: Argentine basketball referents await the debut of pure Uruguayan mate

Deck and Campazzo, two of the NBA players that the Albiceleste team has, opted for Uruguayan yerba in the Olympic Village.

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The Santiago forward Gabriel Deck and the Cordovan point guard Facundo Campazzo, referents of the Argentine team and current NBA players, were photographed in the Olympic Village while waiting for their debut in Tokyo 2020 taking some dunks.

The naturalness of an image of that style would not attract the attention of any Uruguayan, if it were not for the weed chosen by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Denver Nuggets players. Neither Taragüí, nor Rosamonte. Neither does CB know. The chosen brand was well known to any eastern inhabitant of the Uruguay River.

Power forward Lisandro Rasio, who knew how to play alongside Campazzo and also went through Uruguayan teams such as Marne, Capitol, Defensor Sporting and Hebraica and Macabi, celebrated the change of grass of his old teammate from Peñarol de Mar del Plata.

Argentina will debut on Monday 26th at 1:40 in Uruguay against Slovenia. Then they will meet Spain on the 29th at 9 o’clock and finally they will collide with Japan on August 1 at 1:40. The two best from each of the three groups and the two best third parties will qualify for the quarterfinals.

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Tokyo 2020 Argentine basketball referents await the debut of pure