Stanley Tucci reveals the culinary origins of Big Night and desert island food

Stanley Kitchen Tuccinotas Flavor: my life through food Hitting shelves Tuesday, it delivers a moving and deeply entertaining account of the actor’s life, from his childhood as an Italian-American boy with an enviable lunch box to his current status as a world-renowned actor sampling the best local dishes while filming movies. worldwide.

If that flavor flavor Work up your appetite for more, listen to an audio snippet from Tucci’s diary above, where the actor explains the origins of his classic restaurant flick. Great night, and find out what kind of cheese the beloved gourmand determines as follows.

Stanley Tucci

François G Durand / Getty Images Stanley Tucci

Entertainment Weekly: If you could have dinner with three real people, living or dead, who would they be?

Stanley Tucci: Groucho Marx, Meryl Streep – She’s very smart and funny – and Cicero. I was making a simple pasta or a risotto and grilled fish.

What’s your favorite pop culture food scene?

I really love Babbitt Day, when you prepare that wonderful meal and you see that it has completely changed.

Babbitt holds on

Everett Group babbitt day poster

Your favorite music for cooking …

I listen to a lot of jazz, mainly Diana Krall radio on Spotify.

What is your favorite food scene from one of your movies?

It’s inside Julie and JuliaWhen Meryl and I eat oysters and we talk about what she wants to do with her life. He wants to make hats, but what he loves to do is eat. I say, “Yeah, and you’re good at it.”

Julie and Julia

Jonathan Wink / Columbia Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci in ‘Julie and Julia’

What was the best food you ate while filming?

It was a stew we ate in Iceland [while filming Fortitude]. It is called kjötsúpa and it is made with lamb or mutton and vegetables. We ate it on a glacier, and it’s the best food I’ve ever had from a caterer.

What is your food on the desert island?

Oh, Pasta. You had a feeling he would say that.

taste / gluttony / garbage: Julie and JuliaBurgundy carne, Great nighteardrum The Hunger GamesBurnt bread with raisins …

We can ditch the pita bread. In fact, I indulged in the eardrum when I was younger. And I love buff bourguignon, so I was savoring it.

If you had to determine the type of cheese, what would it be?

I guess it could be Parmigiano, good and a little sharp.

If you had to decide what kind of cocktail it would be?

Martini because they are amazing. It is elegant.

Name A spice you can’t live without?

Is olive oil a spice? If so, extra virgin olive oil.

Who is your favorite chef?

It is very difficult to say that. I have many of my favorite chefs, from Heston Blumenthal, and I am very fortunate to have met these people as well, Francesco Marseille, who was the host of our wedding, with Pino Bustraro. Oh God, there is a lot to name.

Audio excerpt from Simon & Schuster Audio from flavor Written by Stanley Tucci, read by the author. Copyright © 2021 by Stanley Tucci. Used with permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

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Stanley Tucci reveals the culinary origins of Big Night and desert island food