Stargirl | Dr. Midnite highlights the inspiration behind the DC Comics series las jovenes


Angelika Washington spoke with Redgol about her character’s evolution in season two and her significant power to audiences.

Dr. Midnite, played by Angelika Washington, is one of the characters on Stargirl's main team.

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© HBO MaxDr. Midnite, played by Angelika Washington, is one of the characters on Stargirl’s main team.

Angelika Washington es Dr. Midnite in Stargirl, the series that explores the more adolescent side in a live action production with the characters of DC Comics. The actress, in conversation with the press from Los Angeles, California, highlighted the evolution of her character in the second season and how she is proud to project herself as an inspiration for other girls and women.

In the new episodes of the series, all the characters are looking to reconnect with themselves to understand their position in the world by acquiring superpowers. Meanwhile, new threats emerge that keep the team on the brink of collapse.

For her part, Beth (Washington) tries to reconnect with Chuck, whom she lost at the conclusion of the first cycle, and at the same time discovers a great secret that her parents have been keeping from her.

Washington explained to RedGol that “for Beth … Well, she’s super smart, she’s like the brain of operations, she’s a proud member of the SJA, she’s a friend to everyone, she loves everyone, including her parents. In season two we dive into some great character development for Beth, we see a lot more struggles for her, plus changes“.

“In fact, after he lost his best friend Chuck in season 1, after Icicle destroyed his glasses, now We explore Beth’s life without Chuck, how much importance she places on glasses without her best friend, and how that changes the dynamics of the SJA by not having her mentor“.

“She’s starting to feel like she’s not up to the task and her parents are about to get divorced. So there’s a lot going on, so she’s pretty stressed out. That’s something we haven’t experienced before.”

“Deep down, we see Beth desperately navigating her anxiety … Like Angelika, so it will be wonderful.”Angelika admitted with a laugh.

Beyond his character in history, Washington exposed how significant he is for real people, this on the grounds that “I feel a great responsibility to play a black superhero, especially since she was a character that was traditionally reserved for a white man”.

“It is a responsibility to represent young black women, but also to be completely me. I always try to be the best Angelika that I can be and use my platform for good, to make this industry in general friendlier and better for the next girls to come.“.

“I know for sure, without even a doubt in my mind, that watching shows like That’s So Raven or Keke Palmer on True Jackson VP as a child, watching black girls perform on television, made me believe that I could pull it off. So I know that there are probably black or brunette girls looking at me, thinking the exact same thing and also thinking ‘I can be a superhero’. That’s all for me“, he specified.

The full first season and new episodes of Stargirl can be seen on HBO Max, with new installments every Tuesday.

Check out the full conversation with Stargirl actresses Meg DeLacy and Angelika Washington:


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Stargirl | Dr. Midnite highlights the inspiration behind the DC Comics series las jovenes