Stranger Things’s Finn Wolfhard is harassed by a 27-year-old model

Finn Wolfhard, the actor who plays Mike in Stranger Things – 90%, and who we saw recently in It (That) – 85% like Richie, was harassed by an older model who caused great controversy on social networks and the same actor responded for the discomfort it made him feel.

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Due to the situation in Hollywood, where for the first time in years the sexual harassment and abuse suffered by actresses and actors of all ages is being discussed openly, it was not the most appropriate for the 27-year-old Texan model, But Michael, make a joke about the 14-year-old young actor.

His Instagram post featured a photograph of Finn Wolfhard with the caption:

I don’t want to sound weird, but talk to me in 4 years @finnwolfhardofficial.

After that, criticism began to rain on the model, as they considered her comment completely inappropriate, given the Hollywood sex scandal. Many people said that if it had been a 27 year old man writing that to a 14 year old girl the situation would have been much more controversial.

Before the rain of criticism, Michael had to apologize with a text published in Teen Vogue, where she said she understood why people were mad at her:

On October 30, I posted on Instagram a photo of Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike in Stranger Things – 90% asking “call me in four years.”

The general nature of my social media platforms is often one of humor, sarcasm, and playful self-loathing. I often quote, post, and publicly respond to music videos, movies, documentaries, and television shows in a frank and sincere manner. The nature of my posts in response to television and the media is always ironic and was never intended to be malicious or annoy anyone. In the past, I have asked fictional movie characters to call me (i.e. Young Scissorhands – 91% and Simba from The Lion King – 91%). In this case, it has become clear to me that asking a character to “call in four years” and inappropriately labeling the underage actor who plays the character (Mike) was disturbing, suggestive, and concerning to my audience.

It was never my intention (nor has it ever been) to sexualize a minor in any way. To those I offended or misled, I apologize for a hastily and insensitive post, particularly given the landscape of today’s culture.

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Response from Finn Wolfhard, chest a TMZ, was the following:

Oh, that was crazy. That was gross. It’s okay for you to apologize, it’s weird but … it’s okay.

And to be honest, any 14-year-old would be disgusted if you were sexually harassed by a woman like that … or not?


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Stranger Things’s Finn Wolfhard is harassed by a 27-year-old model