Succession: Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgard appear in the official trailer of the third season

Nothing puts more stress and drama on a family than a multi-million dollar empire at risk of disappearing. After the pushes and pulls of the first two seasons, Succession – 86% will finally come back with the lawsuit between the Roys and things have never been in greater danger for the company. After a scandal, all of Logan’s children (Brian Cox) could end up as the dog with the two cakes.

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Succession is one of the dramas that has captured the most critical attention since its debut in 2018. The third installment is one of the most anticipated shows of the second half of the year and we already have the official trailer in which we see in action the new actors who break into the new episodes: Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgård. In what appears to be a more heartfelt teaser, a move by Kendall jeopardizes the viability of the entire company following a revelation demanding the firing of his dad, who is determined to leave him with nothing.

Not many details are revealed, but we can see thanks to a protest that a case of sexual assault could jeopardize the actions of the Roy’s empire. The play would put pressure to remove Logan from command or at least leave him with the collapse of what he has built. What follows is a quick montage of the hectic confrontations that will take place between all the characters in preparation to save each one.

Brody will play an investor and activist named Josh Aaronson, who could be the key to keeping the company from falling apart amid attacks by members of the Roy family. The acclaimed actor will have a guest role in the new episodes, but the trailer doesn’t reveal much more about the weight of his foray.

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While Alexander Skarsgård will play a technology entrepreneur named Lukas Matsson, who will become close to the youngest of the Roys, Roman (Kieran Culkin), or with whom he at least has a fun interaction during a party where he asks, “With respect”, when does she imagine that her dad is finally going to die.

The production of the new episodes was delayed by the pandemic, but we won’t have to wait much longer to see all these characters return. The series, with its two first installments, has also been a darling of the Emmy Awards for the best of television. Just last year alone he took home two of the top statues for Best Drama Series and Best Actor in a Drama Series for Jeremy Strong.

The third season of Succession – 100% will hit HBO and HBO Max on October 17th, just in time to compete with other major fall season premieres on the small screen and, of course, to qualify for next year’s awards. They still have time to catch up if they have not done so and they can also find all the episodes there.

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Succession: Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgard appear in the official trailer of the third season