Succession, Cry Macho, Maligno and more –

HBO Max in October, presents new series, films and documentaries for all tastes, with recently released films in theaters and expected new seasons of hit series. The recent films Cry Macho, by Clint Eastwood and Maligno, by James Wan, together with the new installments of the Succession and Insecurem fictions, are the stellar novelties of the platform for the tenth month of the year.

What’s more, HBO Max premieres the new seasons of “Batwoman”, “Legends of Tomorrow”, and the premiere of the original Mexican production “The killer of oblivion.” Along with them, the entire saga of “The Godfather”, six films from “SAW” and “Over The Garden Wall” from Cartoon Network.


“Succession” (Temporada 3)

Jesse Armstrong’s acclaimed series about the Roy family and their television empire hits HBO Max in October, after nearly two years, at a time when the situation within the telecommunications mogul family is especially tense. . Power struggles, ridiculous luxuries and intra-family tensions continue in a season that features Alexander Skarsgård, Hope Davis and Adrien Brody as special guests.

One of the network’s most prestigious and award-winning series generated high expectations for its return. “A scathing and fun HBO drama that explores politics, money and power through the eyes of a rather dysfunctional family,” describes the official synopsis. The season 3 cast includes Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, and Alan Ruck as the original members of the family. Premiere: October 18

“Cry Macho”

Dramatic film directed by and starring veteran filmmaker Clint Eastwood, who, at 91, plays a former rodeo star and abandoned horse breeder, accepts a job to bring home a young man’s son away from his alcoholic mother. . On his journey, the rider finds redemption by teaching this boy what it means to be a good man.

Eastwood filmed his 39th film as a director in the midst of a pandemic, a contemporary western in which he plays this old rodeo champion. “Cry Macho” hits HBO in October, around the same time it marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Eastwood’s first film as a director, “Deadly Obsession.” Since then, the legendary director directed almost 40 plays, becoming the last great Hollywood classic.

HBO Max in October: Succession, Cry Macho, Maligno and more arrive

“Evil one”

New horror film directed by renowned director James Wan, responsible for “The Conjuring”, the saga of “The game of fear” and “Aquaman. The film features a woman who has ghoulish nightmares that leave her completely paralyzed. Terrified by what she sees in them, she can’t sleep at night or live by day. But the terror seizes of her when she discovers that those nightmares are not dreams, but facts of the real life.

James Wan is one of the great masters of today’s horror cinema. His films renewed the genre and inspired many new directors. “Maligno” marks the director’s return to his roots with this new original horror thriller, based on a graphic novel he published in 2011. Following its run in theaters, the film is one of HBO Max’s stellar releases this October. .

“Insecure” (Temporada 5)

The series finale that follows two young men, Issa and Molly, who share their friendship, experiences, insecurities and personal victories hits HBO Max in October. The challenging comedy features the female lead friends as they evaluate their relationships, both new and old, in an effort to discover who and what will be with them in this new phase of their lives.

“Insecure” has an irresistible share of humor that transcends all stereotypes. Fans and critics hailed the fourth season as the best of all, evaluating it as “funny as always”, “quietly innovative”, “agile and introspective”. The regular cast of the new stage features Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis, Natasha Rothwell, Amanda Seales, and Alexander Hodge. Premiere: October 24.

“Batwoman” (Temporada 3)

Third season of the series focused on this heroine who protects the streets of Gotham City. The story delves into personal aspects of the character, his demons and worst fears. The story continues to cruise forward and recover more classic Batman enemies, such as The Hatter.

After the controversy raised by the forced replacement of Ruby Rose as the protagonist of the series by Javicia Leslie as the new Batwoman, the series continues with Leslie wearing the bat’s cloak and running into other characters from the batverse such as Batwing. The character of Kate Kane is back, but it is not played by Rose but by a new actress, Wallis Day. Premiere: October 13.

“Killer of Oblivion”

Mexican thriller, drama and crime series, starring Damián Alcázar and directed by Ernesto Contreras. The new original production is one of the highlights of HBO Max in October and focuses on Pascual León, a 65-year-old retired bachelor, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and finds the perfect excuse to collect an old debt: pay off, one by one, those responsible for a terrible crime.

This triggers an investigation by a young officer, to whom Pascual dedicates each of his murders. You must go back to your childhood memories to connect the links between these murders and get to the truth. While he forgets, she must remember. It is a game of memories and forgetfulness that goes through drama and crime. Premiere: October 7.

HBO Release Catalog for October


Cry Macho
Insecure – Temporada 5
Evil one
Succession – Temporada 3


Big Time Adolescence
The Adams family
The Godfather – Part 1-2-3
Annabelle: Creation (Terror)
Cursed Cry (Terror)
SAW 1-6 (Terror)


2 Brocke girls
Oblivion killer
Bake Off
Everybody hates Chris
The Honourable Woman
The new adventures of Old Christine
New adventures of Wonder Woman III – IV
Wonder woman – temporada 1-2
Derby girl
Selena’s Secret

New seasons

Batwoman – Temporada 3
Curb your enthusiasm – Temporada 11
Love life – Temporada 2
Selena + Chef – Season 3
Frankelda´s book of spooks
Green Lantern: The animated series
Justice league unlimited
Over the garden wall
The grim adventures of Billy & Mandy
Teen titans go! Halloween special
DC Super hero girls: Legends of Atlantis
Scooby-Doo! Franken Creepy


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