Again, the Divine: Federica Pellegrini is the protagonist of Sportweek

Today a long interview in our magazine on the occasion of his last race in Riccione. And then Vlahovic, Giuseppe Rossi and much more …

The Sportweek cover record belongs to Federica Pellegrini. On the occasion of his farewell to swimming, at the age of 33, we couldn’t not dedicate another one to him, that of our magazine on newsstands tomorrow with the Gazzetta at the total price of 2 euros.

For the last race, in the 200sl last November 30 in Riccione (130th success on the bulletin board!), The Divina invited some of the rivals she has faced in 20 years of brilliant career. Fede put the Slovenian Sara Isakovic back in costume, who she defeated in Beijing 2008 to relive the moment of the Olympic gold, and the Romanian Camelia Potec, winner in front of her in Athens 2004 and with whom she also trained during the parenthesis French of 2011, seven years after that shimmering silver in Greece that made her the precocious Italian on an Olympic podium. In all there were 6, all friends and all agreed in recognizing her as “the last true diva of swimming, idol and inspiration for many generations”. For her part, Pellegrini has unveiled her plans for her post-career, from her marriage to her boyfriend Matteo Giunta (“but we are on the highest seas”) to the world tour she wants to do with him “in a camper and with the dogs, my new team ”up to political commitment as a representative of the IOC. To conclude: “At 70 I would like to be like Mara Maionchi”. On Tuesday in Milan in the dress of the Gazzetta Sports Awards she will receive the special Sportweek award, our way of thanking her.

The other protagonists

From swimming to football, on tomorrow’s SW you will find a report on Dusan Vlahovic, the young Serbian Fiorentina top scorer with 13 goals together with Immobile, told by his old teammates from the Viola Primavera: “A golden boy out, but he transforms on the pitch : he is hungry, he is “bad” and he is not afraid of anything “. After all, he is someone who played the Belgrade derby at 16 … And Pantaleo Corvino, who took him to Florence from ds when he was only 17, predicts: “Dusan is predestined. I’m sure that at the end of his career he will be remembered as one of the greatest ever ”. Then there is a welcome return, that of Giuseppe Rossi, whom we interviewed and photographed in Ferrara. After many injuries, 5 operations and over a thousand days of stoppage, at 34 the former great promise of Italian football restarts from Serie B with Spal. “I did it for my daughter: I wanted Liana Sophia, who is one year old, to see me play. I dedicated my first goal to her, I hope the first of many others. Mine is a challenge with myself: to prove that I am still a footballer. And I finally feel like that “. Finally, do not miss the incredible story of Novo Nordisk, a team of professional cyclists who are all diabetic. Founded by an American who then tested his athletes on the 4,800 km of the “RAAM”, since 2012 the team has been linked to the Danish multinational drug company that with “Changing Diabetes” wants to improve the lives of those living with the disease. For his riders in the race, even at Sanremo, the goal is to “always be there: because we have something to say”, explains sports director Massimo Podenzana.

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Again, the Divine: Federica Pellegrini is the protagonist of Sportweek