Italy, what a style! The 4×50 relay is golden at the World Championships with super Miressi

Deplano, Zazzeri and Frigo lead Italy towards the bronze, then the double overtaking of the Turin player in the Netherlands and Russia is worth the world title. Ceccon bronze in the 100 medley, Mora silver in the 50 back

From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

The golden relay. The fastest there is: the 4x50m freestyle. We had two bronzes in the history of the World Cup in this specialty, we collect the maximum, the third title of the expedition and the ninth medal, thanks to Leonardo Deplano launched at 21 “37 (quarters), then to Lorenzo Zazzeri, the other Tuscan who leads in 29 “42 in third place the quartet behind the USA and Russia, then Manuel Frigo in 21” 21, which virtually keeps it bronze.

But the giant Alessandro Miressi achieves the masterpiece of double overtaking the two great powers reaching in 1’23 “61 (the Italian record remains that of the bronze of Hanghzou in 1’22” 90) and a fraction of 20 “61 worse only than that of the Dutch De Boer from 20 “41. Russia is silver in 1’23 “75, Holland is bronze in 1’23” 78, the Americans feel bad and are wooden in 1’23 “81. Deplano is the most ecstatic:” We were spectacular “. Zazzeri admits:” We took what they took from us in the 4×100 “. Felice is Miressi:” I went back to touch the front, I had been thinking about it for some time. “And Frigo:” Yes, we are back in Tokyo ” In that quartet there was Thomas Ceccon, who after tonight’s medal in the 100 mixed medals, immediately returns to the water in the semifinals of the 50 butterfly and touches in 22 “74. The new world champion of the 100 butterfly, Matteo Rivolta, takes care of the final with the fourth fastest time in 22 “20, just 6 cents from his Italian record. In front of him there are only the Hungarian Szabo in 22” 11, the world record Nicholas Santos, 42-year-old Brazilian, in 22 “12 and Dylan Carter of Trinidad and Tobago in 22” 18.

Bronze Ceccon

The second blue medal is in the other strangest race in the world: four tanks for four styles. The 100 medley is bronze for Thomas Ceccon, a talent from Vicenza in 2021, who climbs on the podium in 51 “40, improving the people by 11 cents, together with the Russian golden Kliment Kolesnikov 51″ 09 and the Norwegian Tomoe Hvas from 51 ” 34. The former European champion Marco Orsi, 31 years old, from Bologna, remains seventh in 51 “76, he who has the Italian record in 50” 95.

Silver back

In the final of the men’s 50 backstrokes, on the other hand, the third blue medal of the day and the eleventh of the expedition matures: a brilliant silver signed Lorenzo Mora, in 22 “90, ex aequo with the German Christian Diener. The Modenese gives only to the Russian phenomenon Kliment Kolesnikov, who still triumphs in 22 “55, while Michele Lamberti, European medalist and Italian record holder in 22” 65 is fifth in 22 “94, behind the Russian Samusenko 22” 93. For the double son of art, here with his brother Matteo, is the first World Championship, the beginning of a possible climb.

Baby Cocconcelli e Curzan

Not even with her Italian record of 58 “45, Costanza Cocconcelli, from Bologna in 2002, would have climbed on the podium of the 100 medley: she is missing 4 tenths but she will do it again, she is growing from month to month. She is fifth in 58” 66 with a great experience acquired in the specialty that sees the gold of the Israeli Anastasia Gorbenko, queen of the 50 frog on Pilate, silver for the French Beryl Gastaldello in 57 “96 and bronze for the Swiss of Russian origins Maria Ugolkova, in 58” 27. With the second time in history (24 “44) and never swam at the World Championships, just 4 cents from the world record of the Swedish Therese Alshammar in 2009, the Dutch Ranomi Kromowidjojo, biolympic from London, triumphs in the 50 butterfly on the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom 24” 51, and on the 2004 American, Claire Curzan who sets both the national and world junior records in 24 “55. Silvia Di Pietro is seventh in 25” 26. He has a record of 23 “03 which would not have been enough for the medal anyway.

Blue wood

After the gold in the relay, Lorenzo Zazzeri touches the medal in the 50 freestyle, which he also played in the Games. The Florentine called Zazzart for his passion for paintings, is fourth in 20 “94, ten cents over his best time. To take the medal a further chronometric leap was necessary given how the medals were awarded: the British gold Ben Proud is at 20 “46, the silver of the American Ryan Held is at 20” 70 and the bronze of the Canadian is at 20 “76. The Italian record of Marco Orsi has remained unchanged since 2014 in 20 “69. The gold of the 400 sl is of the Chinese Li Bingjie in 3’55” 83, on the fifteen-year-old Canadian McIntosh (3’57 “87), third is Sibhan Haughey ( HK) 3’58 “12, the first woman since the 70-80s (at the Games, never at the World Cup) the 100-200 brace, now embellished with this bronze.


The men’s 4×200 is fourth in 6’51 “48, an Italian record that sweeps the time trial of the last blue medal of the Magnini group in Doha in 2014 when the podium matured in 6’51” 80, but obviously not enough to return to the podium on which the unstoppable USA climb from 6’47 “00, followed by Russia 6’49” 12 and Brazil from 6’49 “60. The quartet was made up of Matteo Ciampi in 1’42” 93, Thomas Ceccon 1’44 “23, Filippo Megli 1’32” 99 and Alberto Razzetti, world champion of the 200 butterfly, author of 1’41 “33. The fastest ever. Really pity.

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Italy, what a style! The 4×50 relay is golden at the World Championships with super Miressi