Pellegrini, what a heart: second! Carraro and Rivolta triumph, Shymanov sets a world record

Martina wins the 100 breaststroke, Matteo the 50 butterfly. Federica is behind only Haughey. The Belarusian files 2 cents to his old record

In Eindhoven (Holland), for the second day of the third stage of the ISL playoff, the World Championships in short course swimming, there are still fireworks in the water.

Carraro and Shymanovich

Martina Carraro takes her first all-blue victory in the 100 breaststroke, a way to ennoble the European title of Kazan: 1’04 “89 (30” 78) for the Genoese over the American Belonogoff, third Arianna Castiglioni (1’05 “23 ). Martina has a staff of 1’04 ”01. In the men’s 100 breaststroke, the world record falls, or rather improves it Ilya Shymanovich, the Belarusian of Energy Standard who in 55 “32 files 2 cents to his previous limit of 2020 in Brest): beaten the two standard bearers of the Centurions, the Dutch Arno Kamminga (56 “26) and the European champion Nicolò Martinenghi (56” 62). And Rivolta wins again, touching his Italian record of 22 ”14 in the 50 butterfly: 22” 47 for the thirty-year-old Milanese and rejected by 10 cents the British Ben Proud.

What pilgrims

Magnificent Faith: it only yields to the unstoppable Siobhan Haughey who shakes the world record of the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom (1’50 “43 in 2017) with the 2nd time ever hitting in 1’50” 66 (26 “22, 54” 14, 1’22 “61). Then there is the legendary Faith, which at 33 years and 3 months swims in 1’53 “91 (26” 69, 55 “47, 1’24” 54) winning the competition of Canadian Kayla Sanchez (1’54 “06 ). A Faith of applause in these last efforts all heart.

Blue podium

Alessandro Miressi and Alberto Razzetti take the first “virtual” podiums, respectively in the 100m and 200m butterfly. The Turin giant of the Centurions is second in the queen race by 23 cents: at the touch he gives in to the Russian Shchegolev, first in 46 ”38. The Genoese from Toronto, fresh from the Italian record in the 200 medley, this time in the 200 butterfly is mocked to the touch by the American Zach Harting for 14 cents in 1’51 ”74. Alessia Polieri is fourth in the 200 butterfly for 19 cents, the Hungarian Jakabos is third at the touch. Matteo Rivolta remains in the cloud and collects a heavy third place in the 100 backstroke (50 ”35) behind the Russian Nikoalev (49” 69) and the Russian Olympian Rylov (50 ”17), Sabbioni is fifth. Heavy podiums even in the 100 medley: Kameneva, the Russian of the Centurions, wins in 57 “94, Thomas Ceccon only yields to the Russian Kolesnikov (51” 15) but with his personal best improved from 51 “84 to 51” 15. And the mixed men-women relay is also second: behind Energy Standard 3’33 “11 (Rylov 49” 00, Shymanovich 55 “82, Shkurdai 56” 34, Heemskerk 51 “05) is the Giunta team in 3 ‘ 36 “74 (Ceccon 51” 03, Kamminga 56 “15, Di Liddo 56” 79, Munoz 52 “77). Third place in the 200 sl for Matteo Ciampi in 1’43 “87 behind Schchegolev (Rus) 1’41” 01 and the Dutch Kroon (1’42 “85). The last victory in the 400 medley with the Russian Borodin also matures for the Centurions, who in 4’01 ”72 also drags Alberto Razzetti (4’04” 43) on the podium but not Chase Kalisz.

Centurions at 3 points

Third final place in the third stage of Isl semifinals for the Aqua Centurions, who manage to repel the assault of the DC Trident. The Pellegrini team will be back on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November. Leading the stage are Energy Standard 583 on the Toronto Titans 407, Aqua Centurions 390 and. DC Trident 383. The general classification of the playoffs: 1. Energy Standard 7 (2 matches), 2. Toronto Titans 5 (2), 3. Cali Condors and Los Angeles Current 4 (2), 5. London Roar 3 (1) , Aqua Centurions and DC Trident 5 (2), 8. Iron Budapest 1 (1). Tomorrow and Sunday, fourth stage: Cali Condors against Iron Budapest (without Katinka Hosszu hit by covid), London Roar, Los Angeles Current. Sky Action 7pm.

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Pellegrini, what a heart: second! Carraro and Rivolta triumph, Shymanov sets a world record