World Cup: Silver relay, Golden Razzetti. Greater Italy in Abu Dhabi

In the 200 butterfly the Genoese scores 1’49 “06, with an amazing race, then takes home third place in his second final of the day. He also celebrates the fast relay, second

Stefano Arcobelli

The world belongs to Rocket. What a show in the 200 butterfly for Alberto Razzetti, a 1999 Genoese based in Livorno. An impeccable, perfect race, for a time of 1’49 “06, a pulverized Italian record and fifth fastest time ever. Razzetti’s memorable day ends with a very heavy bronze in the 200 medley in 1’51” 54, yet another improved Italian record from 1’52 “10: third behind the phenomenal world champion in long course Daiya Seto, author of 1’15” 15 and the emerging American Carsson Foster 1’52 “35, under the podium the Greek Vazaios 1’51” 94 . The relay also celebrates: a very heavy silver and a little big regret that could have been the right time for a gold that we have been missing since 2006 in Shanghai (always with Magnini). An extraordinary time trial for Italy of 3’03 “61 which cancels the Italian record of 2018 in Hangzhou of 3’05” 20.

A very precious silver

An almost gold silver for the fast relay, second in the Games: it ends with Italy in 3’03 “71 against Russia in 3’03” 45. We are ahead of the US in 3’05 “42 (Netherlands fourth in 3’06” 10). With Alessandro Miressi at the launch, author of 46 “12, and then with Thomas Ceccon (45” 71) and Leonardo Deplano (45 “58) to hold the first position, finally the head to head at the last stroke with Lorenzo Zazzeri who seemed in front up to the touch with his fraction of 45 “80 against Shchegolev’s 45” 53. Silver like in Istanbul 2012, when Filo Magnini was closing.

The words and the emotion

Miressi: “We were good, I’m happy with this relay, we are continuing to grow and improve. In the future we will do great things, too bad we were there close to Russia. Maybe the others have more, Zazzeri was good at closing as usual the relay “. Ceccon: “I knew from this morning that the Russians would be the most dangerous, they changed two of the four relay runners this morning. I think I did well”. Deplane: “A very nice medal. I’m very happy, I finally managed to make a final in an international championship. We brought home a silver, too bad for those few tenths from Russia. I gave everything I had.” Zazzeri: “This is the first time I’ve come out of a race in which we take a world medal and I don’t go out satisfied. It’s true that we did very well, and it was my responsibility to finish. I wanted the title.”


Third in the 100 in 52 “53, second in the 100 and 150 in 52” 53 and 1’20 “63 he completed the masterpiece in the last pool to greet the American Trenton Julian, who collapsed in fourth place to the advantage of Noè Ponti, who he trains in Tenero on Lake Maggiore with Massimo Melonui, silver in 1’49 “81, and the legendary South African Olympian who beat Michael Phelps in London, bronze in 1’49” 84. Razzetti on 5 November at the Euripei in Kazan had swimming 1 ‘ 50 “24. “I don’t know what to say, I didn’t expect it, neither the time nor to finish first. It’s great. After the European Championship this other result gives me confidence for the future. I’ll try to stay at this level as much as possible. I’m excited. Being world champion sounds good, I still have to make it happen. ”

What a feat

Razzetto’s is also a statistical gem. There are not many Italian world champions in short course: just think that the first were in Istanbul in 2012, Ilaria Bianchi and Fabio Scozzoli. Then it was the turn of the stars Paltrinieri in 2014 and Pellegrini in 2016. In the last edition in Hanghzou there was not even a single gold. And in the 200 butterfly no blue had ever been on the podium. In short, a great undertaking for the swimming rocket.

Martinenghi advances

Nicolò Martinenghi hits the final of the 100 breaststroke, of which he is Olympic bronze. The Varese player has the fifth fastest time in 56 “81 behind the Dutch Arno Kamminga 56” 41, the American Nic Finl 56 “48, the world record holder, the Belarusian Ilya Shymanovich 56” 54 and the German Schingensclogl 56 “81. Tomorrow evening it will be a final to the last penny.


Ready go. At the Short Course World Championships in Dubai, Italy begins the first session of the finals with great regret. A great progress, the third Italian time ever but the medal is only made of wood. The bronze flies to Switzerland, exactly one second less, in the hands of Antonio Djakovic instead of Maro De Tullio, from Bari in 2000, who reaches in 3’37 “83 in the 400 sl won by the Austrian Felix Auboeck in 3 ‘ 35 “90 (for 15 cents he does not enter the top ten ever) on the Lithuanian Danas Rapsys (3’36” 23).

Federica’s record falls

In the first women’s final, Federica Pellegrini’s first world record also falls, both as gold and as a record. The 200 sl greet the new world champion Siobhan Haughey, who touches in 1’50 “31 (53” 81, already below the previous limit) and cancels the limit of the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom of 1’50 “43 on 12 August 2017 in Eindhoven , where the new record holder had tried several times to take him. This time with the crest of the world title, Haughey makes a monologue and takes the Canadian Rebecca Smih 1’52 “24 and the American Pagie Madde on the podium in 1’53” 01 , under the podium the Slovenian Fain in 1’53 “48. Haughey also got on the podium at the Tokyo Games: after the Faith the 200 are made in Hong Kong and Australia (with the Titmus).

Benny is there

A final with the fourth time in the 50 breaststroke for Benedetta Pilato, world record holder and world silver in long course. Here the sixteen year old from Taranto is making her debut and touches in 29 “76 ex aequo with the Swedish Sophie Hansson. The Jamaican record holder Atkinson is disqualified, the 100% Olympian Lydia Jacoby (Alaska) is eliminated, she commands the Russian Godun in 29” 42. But tomorrow Benny will be able to enter the fight for medals. A newfound talent. Lorenzo Mora takes the final of the 100 backstroke despite being a two hundred and still shakes the Italian record of Simone Sabbioni of 49 “68. The Modenese touches fifth in 49” 99, while Thomas Ceccon is unlucky: first of the excluded for a cent in 50 “22.


Ilaria Cusinato, who will train in Verona with Matteo Giunta from January, qualifies for the 400 medley final with the best time: 4’30 “27 (1’01” 87, 2’11 “60, 3’27” 37 ). She will be challenged by the Canadian Tessa Chieplucha and the solid American Melanie Maragalis: the Paduan appeared very relaxed and relaxed, she also controlled herself in the final. In short: a Cusi launched. For the medal it is necessary to return to the 4’27 “88 staff that dates back to the last World Championships in Hangzhou 2018.


Nicolò Martinenghi is in the semifinal in the 100 breaststroke of which he is Olympic bronze. Tete swims alongside the American Nic Fink (57 “02) and measures with a pass at 26” 63 and a touch at 57 “43, which can be improved tonight. The other rivals are the Turkish Enre Sakci at 57” 16, the world record holder, the Belarusian Shymanovich (56 “20) and the Dutch Arno Kamminga, first for a cent. For 3 cents, Margherita Panziera remains out of the semifinals of the 100 backstroke, in which he arrives instead with the 13th time trial (58” 05) Silvia Scalia, who recently moved to Verona with Matteo Giunta. Then the withdrawal of the Austrian Pilhatsch will make the Venetian swim also in the semifinal. It is one of those specialties in which we have no hopes for a podium. Finally, the fast 4×100 relay marked the qualification for tonight’s final with the third time in 3’07 “00 (the Italian record is 3’05” 20) behind Russia 3’06 “02 and USA 3’06” 78. Launched by Miressi (46 “76), the quartet had to carry out the classic internal play-off to make way for Thomas Ceccon tonight (well Deplano). Importing is treating yourself to a new emotion: as fast as that of the silver in Tokyo …

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World Cup: Silver relay, Golden Razzetti. Greater Italy in Abu Dhabi