Covid, Dpcm Taekwondo, Treviso: “We will meet with sedentary children”

The latest decree of the Conte government to stem the contagion from Covid-19 has once again put contact sports to a severe test: the former European bronze medalist, Claudio Treviso, is the spokesperson for the problems related to taekwondo

Taekwondo was one of the first contact sports to restart, thanks to the great work of Fita in issuing clear guidelines to follow. The return to the gym was a breath of hope for all those sports clubs that live off courses, but more generally for practitioners who have rekindled their passion in complete safety. Claudio Treviso, European bronze in 2016, has recently gone from being a high-level agonist to a technician of his Fight Lab Taekwondo in Rome, finding himself having to adapt to this difficult period of restrictions to stem the coronavirus infection. The latest Prime Ministerial Decree of the Government has led to new crises: “From the economic to the social aspect, the problems of those who live off sport are many. We cannot afford another stop”.

How were the latest restrictions received by the kids?
“It was yet another sting! Both for the children and for the parents. Seeing them in videoconference is a way to shorten the distance, but it is not enough to satisfy their needs. For children, sport is friendship, it is comparison, it is achieve goals. Without the gym and competitions, everything is missing. In a few years we will find ourselves with sedentary children who will prefer those damned black boxes, TV, tablets, cell phones, to interpersonal relationships. Not to mention the difficulties of parents who find themselves in reorganize life from scratch between hours at work and children at home “.

How is the possibility of training athletes now managed, but not amateurs and children?
“Those lucky enough to live off sports and taekwondo like me find themselves having an enviable ability to adapt to situations. At the first lockdown, thanks to the great help of the parents, we were able to see the children and young people at least once a week online, also managing to prepare three boys who then took the black belt exam in July. Upon returning from the lockdown, thanks to the fantastic work of the Fita president Angelo Cito and the federal staff, we were among the first sports to restart the activity. Now we are equipped to work with the agonists respecting the guidelines of the federation and we have resumed the online lessons with the children who unfortunately are not among the privileged ones of the Dpcm “.

What are the main problems of these continuous stops?
“Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems is the loss of motivation and trust in athletes and parents. Not to be underestimated is the economic aspect that for some can be of vital importance, there are those who manage families with the revenues of the Asd. . Last, but not least, is the difficulty of maintaining the state of form and consequently of health of all the associates: from children, who are at risk of more and more overweight problems, to agonists, who, training with restrictions, are unable to maintain the top of the form “.

What to hope for now?
“My hope is that soon a cure or a vaccine will be found that will allow us to leave behind this disastrous year for everyone, some for one reason and some for another. The very word ‘pandemic’ gives an idea of ​​the gravity of the situation in In the meantime, I hope that the government does not further tighten the restrictions, because on this side there are people who respect the rules, who have made many sacrifices to keep up with the protocols and who do this work mainly to the social “.

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Covid, Dpcm Taekwondo, Treviso: “We will meet with sedentary children”