Molfetta, 37 years of love for taekwondo: “A wish? Being president of Coni”

The London 2012 Olympic champion, now blue team manager, celebrates his 37th birthday by remembering the best gifts he has won in his career and working towards great future goals

His is one of the most beautiful pages in the history of Italian sport. Carlo Molfetta’s career is extraordinary, in taekwondo he has reached the podium of all the most important competitions: from the Europeans to the World Championships, up to the much coveted Olympics. Born on February 15, 1984 in Mesagne, in the province of Brindisi, Carlo approached taekwondo as a child at the age of 5, following his father’s passion and then joining the Carabinieri Sports Center. His is a predestined path, culminating in London 2012 with that Olympic gold that made all of Italy dream. Today he is the team manager of the Italian national team and with great passion he transmits all his experience every day to the young blue hopes of taekwondo. But that’s not all, because Carlo Molfetta is never satisfied and now heads straight for the next goal. On his birthday, he tells us about the celebrations, the best gifts and his great desire.

How will he celebrate his birthday?
“There is little to celebrate, I am now 37 and I am getting old – he jokes -. Then the situation does not allow for big parties. I think I will divide my friends into pairs and see them a little at a time, which means that in the end I will celebrate until next year! The boys of the national team welcomed me this morning singing their greetings all in chorus, they were very nice “.

Today he turns 37, most of them dedicated to taekwondo. What was the best moment?
“I started practicing taekwondo when I was 5 years old, I have now lived this discipline at 360 °: from athlete to manager. The best moment will be the one I will experience tomorrow, I am convinced that we should not look to the past and that the future it will still give me a lot of satisfaction “.

In your career, what is the greatest gift you have ever given yourself? And which one hasn’t he received yet?
“The greatest gift I have given myself and, I think it will remain so for my whole life, is definitely the Olympic gold medal in London 2021. What, however, I have not yet received is the dream I have been working for since time: to become president of Coni. It is the goal that I have set myself, now I am studying I am doing my best to succeed soon. I will fight until I reach this goal “.

We are experiencing a difficult period, even at a sporting level, due to this pandemic that does not seem to want to end yet. On your birthday, what desire do you feel like expressing?
“I hope the worst is now over. I am convinced that we could have done better, both us as citizens and the government, but as I said before, it is not necessary to look to the past now, but to work in the present to have a better future: it is time to roll up the sleeves, it has been a difficult year for everyone, but we must not give up because it is our approach to things that leads to great results. Here my desire is to continue working to have a better tomorrow “.

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Molfetta, 37 years of love for taekwondo: “A wish? Being president of Coni”